BioPhotonics, BioScreening and NanoManipulation Group, Professor Mehmet Fatih Yanik


Fish and Chips

High-throughput Optical Projection Tomography

Awake animal neuronal activity imaging

Our lab is developing advanced high-throughput technologies for investigating and engineering the complex function, reprogramming, and regeneration of the nervous system in vitro and in vivo.  With our collaborators, we work on various neurological disorders and diseases including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and epilepsy for gene and drug screening. We employ various methodologies including microfluidics, microrobotics, ultrafast optics/microscopy, tissue engineering/printing, drug delivery, neuronal stem cell reprogramming, genetics, RNA/polymer biochemistry, and even quantum physics. We also work with a variety of organisms and preparations ranging from C. elegans, zebrafish, primary rodent and human tissue cultures to human embryonic stem cell derived neurons.    

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Keywords: Mehmet Fatih Yanik Lab

High-throughput screening, gene and drug disovery/screening, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), epilepsy, chemical biology, femtosecond laser microsurgery, nanosurgery, microfluidics, automation, quantum electron microscopy, nanophotonics, genetics, drug delivery, zebrafish, C. elegans, mice, rat, hESC, mRNA, reprogramming

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