The Helen Carr Peake and William T. Peake Memorial Fund

"To this day, the one who had the most influence on me, other than my parents, was Bill Peake. He taught me science, how to speak and write English, and how to be a decent human being. The impact he and Helen had on me was tremendous. Helen knew my parents were 10,000 miles away and I was alone. She treated me like her son. She invited me to her house every holiday. When I got married as a student, she held a dinner reception for 100 guests at her home. She gave us used furniture and a washing machine, and she gave our first son $500 for college. She was an exceptional, warm, wonderful human being. I learned a lot from her, mostly that happiness does not come from doing things for yourself but from doing things for others.” —Sheldon Pang, Sc.D. 1988