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George Verghese

George Verghese
Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor

Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Thomas Heldt

Thomas Heldt
Helmholtz Career Development Professor

Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Andrea Fanelli

Postdoctoral Associate


Shamin Nemati

Shamim Nemati

Postdoctoral Associate


Rebecca (Becky) Mieloszyk


Ehimwenma (Ehi) Nosakhare


Max Dunitz



Kaustav Gopinathan





Abubakar Abid


Margaret Guo


Thipok (Ben) Rak-amnouyki





James Noraky

MEng (2014)

PhD Candidate, MIT


Ehimwenma (Ehi) Nosakhare

SM (2013)

QT-interval adaptation to changes in autonomic balance

PhD Candidate, MIT


Aditya Kalluri

EECS SuperUROP (2012/2013)

Modeling the effects of intracranial hypertension on ocular physiology

MD/PhD Candidate, Harvard Medical School


Yu-chi Kuo

EECS SuperUROP (2012/2013)

Capnography in asthma patients

SB Candidate, MIT


Benjamin Frank

UROP (2012/2013)

Physiological signatures of sleep apnea in children

SB Candidate, MIT


Shamim Nemati

PhD (2013)

Identifying evolving multivariate dynamics in individual and cohort time series, with application to physiological control systems

Postdoc, Harvard University


Gregory Ciccarelli

SM (2013)

Early warning of patient deterioration in the inpatient setting



Rebecca (Becky) Asher

SM (2012)

Capnographic analysis for disease classification

PhD Candidate, MIT


Andrea Fanelli

Visiting Student

Fetal Monitoring

Postdoctoral Associate, MIT


Irena Hwang

MEng (2012)

Frequency domain model-based intracranial pressure estimation

PhD Candidate, Stanford University


Bryan Haslam

SM (2011)

Analysis of a Wearable Cardiac Monitor: A Model for Extracting Clinically-Relevant Data from Ambulatory Monitoring Devices

PhD Candidate, MIT


Priya Ramaswamy

MEng (2011)

Analyzing autonomic activity in neonatal seizures

MD Candidate, Tufts Medical School


Ekavali Mishra

MEng (2011)

Signal-processing approaches to analyzing patient cardiovascular state

Research Engineer, OsramOpto


Faisal Kashif

PhD (2011)

Modeling and estimation for non-invasive monitoring of intracranial pressure and cerebral autoregulation

Senior Research Engineer, Masimo Corporation


Ankit Gordhandas

SB (2010)

ECG analysis algorithms for TI MSP-430 based processors

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Cibiem, Inc.



Varun Chirravuri

MEng (2010)

Identifying a low-order beat-to-beat model of arterial baroreflex action

CEO, Laveem, Inc.



Laura Zager

PhD (2008)

Infection processes on networks with structural uncertainty

Patent Attorney, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt



Carlos Gomez-Uribe

PhD (2008)

Systems of chemical reactions in biology: dynamics, stochasticity, spatial effects and model reduction

Senior Statistician, Netflix, Inc.


Tushar Parlikar

PhD (2007)

Modeling and monitoring of cardiovascular dynamics for patients in critical care

Patent Agent, Google Inc.


Gireeja Ranade

SB (2007)

Estimation of total blood volume state from respiratory modulation of arterial blood pressure
PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley


Shirley Li, JD

MEng (2007)

Probabilistic network models for cardiovascular monitoring

Goodwin Procter LLP


Said Francis

MEng (2007)

Continuous estimation of cardiac output and arterial resistance from arterial blood pressure using a third-order Windkessel model
MBA Candidate,

Havard Business School


Ahmad Zamanian

SM (2007)

Modeling and simulating human cardiovascular response to acceleration
PhD Candidate, MIT


Jennifer Roberts

SM (2006)

Bayesian networks for cardiovascular monitoring
Associate Research Scientist,

Aptima, Inc.


Eva Enns

SB (2006)

Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management

University of Minnesota


Carlos Renjifo

MEng (2005)

Exploration, processing and visualization of physiological signals from the ICU
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory


Zaid Samar

SM (2005)

Cardiovascular parameter estimation using a computational model

MBA Candidate, University of Toronto


Keyuan Xu

MEng (2005)

Stochastic modeling of biological sequence evolution

Algorithm Developer

Hudson River Trading


Spenser Chen

SM (2003)

Analytical solution to a simplified circulatory model using piecewise linear elastance function
Armed Forces of Singapore


Jolie Chang

SB (2002)

Cycle-averaged models of cardiovascular dynamics
Assistant Professor in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, UCSF Medical Center



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