Tue February 26, 2019 4:00 pm

Benjamin Lev: Many-body cavity QED with multimode resonators

Location:Harvard Jefferson 250
Ben Lev, Stanford
Ten Minute Talk:"TBD" by Akira Sone

We will present our first experiments involving multimode cavity QED, wherein the cavity-mediated atom-atom interaction is dramatically modified compared to that in a single-mode cavity. We demonstrate the engineering of strong, tunable-range, and sign-changing photon-mediated interactions between atoms and between atomic spins.  A mechanism for photon-mediated interactions based on the Gouy phases of the cavity modes is introduced and demonstrated.  Such interactions can be exploited for the creation of unusual quantum many-body phases.  Other results include the observation of a ‘spinor density-wave polariton’ condensate and cavity-assisted dynamical spin-orbit coupling. Together, these results pave the way for future experimental access to nontrivial quantum phases and transitions in driven-dissipative quantum systems, synthetic dynamical gauge fields, and the ability to study nonequilibrium spin glasses and quantum neural networks.

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