Tue March 20, 2018 4:10 pm

Dynamics of entanglement and correlations in many-body quantum-chaotic systems

Location:MIT 4 - 270
Professor David Huse, Princeton University
Ten Minute Talk:"Probing entanglement and correlations dynamics in a many-body localized system" by Alex Lukin

Generic isolated interacting systems of many quantum degrees of freedom bring themselves to thermal equilibrium under their own reversible unitary dynamics.  In doing so, such a system “hides” most of the observable information about its initial state, even though all of that information remains within the system.  Some aspects of this physics are being observed in recent experiments, and much more of it has been investigated in recent theoretical work.  I will review some aspects of this fundamental topic, including the dynamics of many-body quantum entanglement, and of so-called “out-of-time-order commutators” that detect the spreading of correlations.

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