People: Alexei Trifonov

Senior Researcher


Alexei, a native of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, holds a PhD in Physics from Ioffe Institute Russian Academy of Sciences and a Doctor of Science degree from Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, both in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Before joining the Lukin group at Harvard, Alexei held various research and industrial positions on both sides of Atlantic. Alexei is currently working with Mikhail Lukin on development of quantum networks based on NV diamond qubits. He is an author and co-author of more than 70 research articles and 17 US Patents and pending US Patents. Alexei is a member of Optical Society of America and American Physical Society.

  1. J-C. Jaskula, S. Arroyo Camejo, M. Lukin, A. Trifonov, E. Bauch, S.W. Hell, and R. L. Walsworth. Superresolution optical magnetic imaging and spectroscopy using individual electronic spins in diamonds. Optics Express, 25(10), 2017.
  2. E. Togan, Y. Chu, A. Trifonov, L. Jiang, L. Childress, M.V. Gurudev Dutt, A.S. Sorensen, and P.R. Hemmer. Quantum entanglement between Optical Photon and Solid-State Spin Qubit. Submitted 2010 2010.