Center for Wireless Networking
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  About the Center  

MIT's Center for Wireless Networking brings together an extraordinarily diverse collection of faculty, staff, and students on campus with interests and expertise in one or more aspects of wireless technology. Its members, who are affiliated with many different laboratories, departments, and schools at MIT, are engaged in research of unparalleled richness and breadth. Collectively they are focussed on developing the radical algorithms, protocols, architectures, devices, circuits, and systems that will enable seamless, transparent, robust, ubiquitous, secure mobile connectivity and exciting new generations of applications.

The Center for Wireless Networking was created through a seed grant from the MIT/HP Alliance, and it encompasses projects supported by a wide range of sponsors. The aims of the Center include:

  • fostering interaction and collaboration among the diverse community at MIT active in wireless research, and encouraging interdisciplinary and interlaboratory investigations
  • serving as a resource for current and prospective MIT students— both graduate and undergraduate—interested in learning of opportunities and activities in the wireless area at MIT.
  • being a conduit for sharing activites and developments at MIT in the wireless area with the broader community. This community includes individual researchers both inside and outside MIT, other academic institutions, industrial and governmental organizations, and media outlets.
  • helping match industrial organizations looking to partner with groups and laboratories at MIT in the wireless area

Examples of wireless research currently being conducted at MIT include:

  • device and circuit design
  • appliance design and hardware architecture
  • network architecture development and cross-layer design
  • coding and signal design
  • signal processing and interference management
  • routing and scheduling protocols
  • multiplexing and multiple-access protocols
  • code-division multiple-access (CDMA) and ultrawideband (UWB) systems
  • smart antenna and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system design
  • content representation and compression
  • steaming media networks
  • database structures
  • caching and other overlay networks
  • operating systems and interfaces
  • energy-efficient networking
  • heterogeneous networks and infrastructure
  • cellular and ad hoc networks
  • distributed sensor networks and applications
  • network resource management and provisioning
  • regulatory issues: standardization, interoperability, and co-existence
  • application development
  • security issues and cryptographic tools
  • quality of service management
  • fault tolerance and reliability
  • propagation and traffic modeling

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