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HP People

Current Graduate Students
Dave Anderson
Kevin Atkinson
Magdalena Balazinska
Raul Blazquez-Fernandez
Shashibhushan Borade
Petros Boufounos
Albert Chan
Todd Coleman
Dorothy Curtis
Sourav Dey
Vijay Divi
Nick Feamster
Michel Goraczko
Tracey Ho
Frank Honore
Everest Huang
Brett Hull
Nathan Ickes

Jaeyeon Jung
Ashish Khisti
Fred Lee
Desmond S. Lun
Cheng Luo
Emin Martinian
Puneet Newaskar
Nathanal Peranginangin
Johnna Powell
Siddharth Ray
Stan Rost
Maya Said
Jon Salz
Charles Sestok
Charles Swannack
Alice Wang
Winston Wang

Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan, MTL
Prof. Robert Gallager, LIDS
Prof. Muriel Medard, LIDS
Prof. Alan Oppenheim, RLE
Prof. Gregory W. Wornell, RLE
Prof. Lizhong Zheng, LIDS
Prof. Hari Balakrishnan, LCS (Project Oxygen liaison)

HP Research Staff
Mr. John Ankcorn
Dr. John Apostolopoulos
Dr. Vinay Deolalikar
Dr. Fred Kitson
Dr. Erik Ordentlich
Dr. Tajana Simunic
Dr. Mark Smith
Dr. Dan Tan
Dr. Mitchell Trott
Dr. Susie Wee

Current Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Ibrahim Abou-Faycal
Dr. Jinane Abounadi
Dr. Uri Erez
Dr. Can Mere Koksal
Dr. Curt Schurgers
Dr. Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu

Past Visiting Faculty
Dr. Michelle Effros
Dr. Ram Zamir

Project Alumni
Dr. Aaron Cohen
Dr. Stark C. Draper
Dr. Yonina Eldar
Dr. Nicholas Laneman
Dr. Michael J. Lopez
Dr. Rex Min
Dr. Andrew Russell
Dr. Paul-Peter Sotiriadis
Dr. Huan Yao

Current Systems and Administrative Support Staff
Giovanni Aliberti
Tricia Mulcahy


HP Wireless Invent @ MIT





Selected Other Projects

The MicroAmps Project

Project Oxygen

The SensorWeb Project

The Gigabit Wireless LAN Project

The MIT Ultrawideband Project

The Self-organizing Spectrum Allocation Project

Sensor Networks

The Viral Communications Project

The Scalable Location-Aware Monitoring Project

The Grid Ad Hoc Networking Project


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