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Link: HP InventHere is a sampling of some of the projects we are working on:

  • Path diversity techniques for multimedia networks
  • Exploiting side information in wireless networks
  • Security techniques for multimedia networks
  • Cooperative diversity for wireless networks
  • Distributed source coding for multimedia networks
  • Network coding for fault-tolerant, high-speed networks
  • Ultrawideband wireless networking: signal, code, and device design
  • Low-complexity decoding and interference cancellation algorithms for wireless networks
  • Devices and algorithms for wireless microsensor networks
  • Efficient transcoding techniques for multimedia networks
  • Space-time coding for reliable high-speed wireless networks
  • Scheduling algorithms for advanced wireless networks
  • Buffer design and queue management for multimedia networks and devices
  • Space-time multicasting algorithms for wireless networks

HP Wireless Invent @ MIT





Selected Other Projects

The MicroAmps Project

Project Oxygen

The SensorWeb Project

The Gigabit Wireless LAN Project

The MIT Ultrawideband Project

The Self-organizing Spectrum Allocation Project

Sensor Networks

The Viral Communications Project

The Scalable Location-Aware Monitoring Project

The Grid Ad Hoc Networking Project


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