The Electromechanical Systems Group harnesses energy conversion processes. We are interested in inventing.  We are interested in attacking any engineering problem whose solution will enhance quality of life, improve the efficiency and performance of a useful electromechanical process, or minimize the environmental impact associated with electromechanical energy conversion.  We are interested in anything that moves. We design and apply embedded control systems, power electronic circuits, power systems, analog and digital circuits, and new materials for sensors and actuators.

FOX NEWS Tech Feature: Military IDs energy hogs with MIT sensor

(FOX NEWS Tech Article) With support from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), engineering professor Steven Leeb and his graduate student John Donnal designed a portable measurement system.

What’s wasting power at home? Ask your app!

(MIT News Article) New system from MIT can identify how much power is being used by each device in a household.  

MIT team’s “brain” for microgrids wins Clean Energy Prize

(MIT News Article) Six teams split $225,000 in prizes at the annual competition that funds clean-energy ideas.  

5 Brilliant Military Gadgets Designed by Students

(Popular Mechanics) The annual Soldier Design Competition features crazy military concepts of everything from exoboots to wearable batteries. Last month we covered the competition at West Point; this week, the cadets trekked up to Cambridge, [...]