Professor Grossman



Jeffrey C. Grossman is the Morton and Claire Goulder and Family Professor in Environmental Systems, and is faculty in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. He received his B.A. in Physics from John Hopkins University in 1991, M.S. in Physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1992 and Ph.D. in Physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1996.

Research Interests:

I strive to apply a combined computational / experimental approach to outstanding science and technology challenges, with emphasis on gaining a deep understanding and then using that to design new materials for advances in energy conversion, energy storage, and water filtration.  My approach does not necessarily rely on a single method to solve a given problem nor do I favor one method over another; rather, I believe in using the best method(s) available and those most suited to tackle the challenge at hand.  The vision I set for my research program includes a strong emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach in order to expand the scientific possibilities beyond any one discipline or field, and to allow students and postdocs in my group to gain exposure to a broad intersection of materials science and engineering. In addition to cross-disciplinary collaborations related to my research goals, I actively pursue key partnerships with colleagues from both academia and industry in order to work on materials breakthroughs that can be scalable, robust and manufacturable at competitive cost.

Jeffrey C. Grossman

Morton and Claire Goulder and Family Professor in Environmental Systems
MacVicar Fellow

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: Phone: 617-324-3566

Address: 13-5049, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA 02139

Administrative Staff

Laura M. von Bosau


I’ve been an Administrative Assistant at MIT through RLE since 1993, joining the Grossman Group in 2015.  I provide non-scientific support by handling administrative tasks necessary to keep things running so that the group members can focus on their research.  I’m a resource for knowing or finding out Institute rules and practices (“how to do something”) in order to ensure we’re in compliance while also providing layperson explanations of what we’re doing and why to other administrative offices as needed.  My focus is taking the big picture of what this group is working to accomplish and determining what administrative details have to be in place to support that picture and implementing them accordingly.  I also provide administrative support to 3.091: Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry each fall semester with the goal of allowing Prof. Grossman and the teaching assistants to focus more on the actual teaching of the class, as well as assisting the course’s students.


I graduated from Boston University’s Metropolitan College summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in English.  Outside of work, I can be found reading and spending time with my family and community of friends, especially if it involves poking around used book stores to find new-to-me treasures!  I will read anything if it’s well-written.


Office: 13-5014

Phone: (617) 253-2561

Research Scientists

Nicola Ferralis


Research Interests: novel application of natural and artificial nanostructured materials for energy, sensing, water treatment and electronic applications; nanoscale technologies based on geological materials; carbon-based energy technologies; novel characterization techniques for subsurface engineering; synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials; instrumentation development; science education; open source software for scientific applications.


As the founding and current director of the experimental research program in the Grossman Group, I describe our beginnings as a “true experiment”. The experimental program within the Grossman Group began in early 2011 with an empty room and lots of ideas. Our initial founding experimental strategy was to leverage the theoretical and modeling work within the group to establish validation prototypes of materials and devices. Since then, it has expanded to include projects that grew out of experimental ideas with the support of computational modeling. The experimental component of the group currently consists of two experimental laboratories, with 3 post-docs and 5 graduate students (not to mention, several highly motivated undergraduate students). Below you might find a list of project we are actively working on:


  • Solar Thermal Fuels, synthesis and application to the automotive industry
  • Towards Single Layer Photovoltaics with 2D materials
  • Nanoscale porous membranes for water desalination and filtration
  • Novel applications for organic geomaterials (from coal to oil to organic shales)
  • Novel multi-scale integrated methods and tools for chemo-mechanical characterization of materials
  • Towards making more sustainable cement: cement chemistry at the nanoscale.
  • Amorphous semiconductors for photovoltaics
  • Beyond roof-top installation of PV modules: 3D-photovoltaics
  • … and more…

If you are interested in knowing more of any of these projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Office: 13-5134

Phone: (617) 324-0372


Grace Han


Research Interests: Energy storage, photovoltaics, solar thermal fuels, polymers, nanocarbon materials, organic synthesis, materials design

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: gracehanATmitDOTedu

Phone: 617-452-2455

Office: 13-4078

Huashan Li

Research Interests: Photovoltaics, 2D Materials, Carrier dynamics

Research Approach: Theory

Email: huashliATmitDOTedu

Phone: NA

Office: 13-4037

David Zhitomirsky

Research Interests: Quantum dots, Optoelectronics, Light-matter interaction, renewable energy, semiconductor physics

Research Approach: Experiments, Theory

Email: zhitomdATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 258-8741

Office: 13-4069

Shreya Dave

Research Interests: Thin film materials for water purification, desalination membranes, energy and water policy, energy efficiency

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: sdaveATmitDOTedu

Phone: 617-354-9613

Office: 13-4066

Brent Keller


Research Interests: 2D materials for photovoltaics

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: kellerbdATmitDOTedu

Phone: 617-258-0222

Office: 13-4042

Graduate Students

Eugene Cho


Research Interest: Solar Thermal Fuels

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: e_choATmitDOTedu

Phone: 617-452-2455

Office: 13-4078

Jongwon Choi

Research Interest: Thermoelectric Materials

Research Approach: Theory

Email: jwonchoiATmitDOTedu

Phone: 617-710-0796

Office: 13-4069

Yun Liu

Research Interests: Photovoltaics, Quantum dots, Light-Matter Interaction

Research Approach: Theory

Email: liu_yunATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 324-9613

Office: 13-4066


Brendan Smith


Research Interests: Nanoporous materials for applications in energy and water

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: b_smithATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 258-0222

Office: 13-4042

Jee Soo Yoo

Research Interests: Solar Thermal Fuels

Research Approach: Theory

Email: jeesooATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 354-9613

Office: 13-4066

Owen Morris


Research Interests: Photovoltaics, Quantum dots, 2D materials

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: omorrisATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 230-4242

Office: 13-4042

Kayahan Saritas

Research Interests: Cement Chemistry, Quantum Monte Carlo, Photoisomerization

Research Approach: Theory

Email: kayahanATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 258-8741

Office: 13-4069

Tian Xie


Research Interests: Machine learning, Energy materials

Research Approach: Theory

Email: txieATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 909-6481

Office: 13-4037

Eric Richard Fadel


Research Interests: Li-ion battery materials

Research Approach: Theory

Email: efadelATmitDOTedu

Phone: 857-600-7007

Office: 13-4077

Xiang Zhang


Research Interests: Photovoltaics, quantum dots

Research Approach: Theory


Phone: 857-636-1405

Office: 13-4037

Visiting Students

Undergraduate Students

Nolan Peard


Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Electronic Structure Theory, Photochemistry

Research Approach: Theory

Email: npeardATmitDOTedu

Phone: 541-200-5666



Li-Chiang Lin

Research Scientist, 2016

Current position: Assistant professor at The Ohio State University

Szu-Chia Chien

Post-doctoral fellow, 2016

Current position: Post-doctoral research associate at The Ohio State University

Yun Liu

Post-doctoral fellow, 2016

Current position: Post-doctoral fellow at Harvard

David Strubbe

Post-doctoral fellow, 2016

Current position: Assistant Professor University of California, Merced

John McGann

Post-doctoral fellow, 2015

Current position: Exponent Consulting, Natick, USA

Giuseppe Romano

Post-doctoral fellow, 2014

Current position: Research scientist, Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Rajamani Raghunathan

Post-doctoral fellow, 2014

Timothy J. Kucharski

Post-doctoral fellow, 2014

Current position: Research scientist, Saudi Aramco, Cambridge MA

Matthew J. Smith

Post-doctoral candidate, 2014

Current position: Co-founder at Wristify, Cambridge MA

Engin Durgun

Post-doctoral fellow, 2013

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Bilkent University, Turkey

Joo-Hyoung Lee

Post-doctoral fellow, 2012

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Alexie Kolpak

Post-doctoral fellow, 2012

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tim Mueller

Post-doctoral fellow, 2012

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Alex Greaney

Post-doctoral fellow, 2012

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of California Riverside

Lucas K. Wagner

Post-doctoral fellow, 2012

Current Position: Research Scientist, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Elif Ertekin

Post-doctoral fellow, 2012

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Yosuke Kanai

Post-doctoral fellow, 2009

Current Position: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Varadharajan Srinivasan

Post-doctoral fellow, 2009

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal

Zhigang (Michael) Wu

Post-doctoral fellow, 2009

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Colorado School of Mines

Visiting Scholars

Jatin Patil

Visting undergraduate student

Federico Pinna

Master’s visiting student 2015

Federico Raffone

Visiting student 2015

Andrea Anelli

Master’s visiting student 2015

Andrii Omelianovych

Visiting student, 2014

Giovanna Lani

Visiting student, 2009

Current Position: PhD Student, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Graduate Students

Marco Bernardi

PhD, graduated in 2013

Current position: Assitant Professor, California Insitute of Technology

Sophia Sklan

PhD, graduated in 2015

Jeong Yun Kim

PhD, graduated in 2015

Postdoctoral fellow at MIT

Donghun Kim

PhD, graduated in 2015

Current position: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea

Anna Cheimets

M.S., graduated in 2015

Priyank V. Kumar

PhD, graduated in 2015

Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Michelle Tomasik

PhD, graduated in 2015

Current position: Department of Physics, MIT, USA

David Cohen-Tanugi

PhD, graduated in 2015

Current position: Co-founder, embr labs, Cambridge, USA

Eric Johlin

PhD, graduated in 2014

Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, AMOLF, Netherlands


Amelia Kharey

Undergraduate student 2014-2015

Clarissa Towle

Undergraduate student 2013-2015

Allan Blanchard

Undergraduate Student, 2010

Zachary Cordero

Undergraduate Student, 2010

Amanda Evants

Undergraduate Student, 2010

Jennie Zheng

Undergraduate Student, 2010

Kevin Linke

Undergraduate Student, Graduated in 2010

Teddy Toussaint

Undergraduate Student, Graduated in 2010

Kavita Chandra

Undergraduate Student, Graduated in 2010

Yi-Han Hsu

Undergraduate Student, Graduated in 2010

Jin Wan

Undergraduate Student, Graduated in 2011