16th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Neuromonitoring

in conjunction with the 6th Annual Meeting of the Cerebral Autoregulation Research Network and the 3rd ICM+ User Meeting

28 June-2 July 2016

Bringing together a diverse community of clinicians, scientists, and engineers, to advance the care of
patients with neurologic diseases and brain injuries.

Steering Committees

Local Scientific Steering Committee

Thomas Heldt, PhD
Conference Chair
Helmholtz Career Development Professor
Institute for Medical Engineering & Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

James W. Holsapple, MD
Chief, Neurosurgery
Boston Medical Center
Boston University School of Medicine

Jonathan Rosand, MD
J.R. Kristler Neurologist and Director
Division of Neurocritical Care
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Robert C. Tasker, MD
Chief, Neurocritical Care
Boston Children’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Ajith J. Thomas, MD
Chief, Cerebrovascular Surgery
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School


International Advisory Board

Christopher Ang (Singapore)
Marek Czosnyka (UK)
Yoichi Katayama (Japan)
Geoffrey Manley (USA)
Wai S. Poon (China)
Martin Schuhmann (Germany)

International Scientific Advisory Committee

Beat Alessandri (Germany)
Olivier Baledent (France)
Ken Brady (USA)
Thomas Brinker (Germany)
Ralf Michael Burger (Germany)
Giuseppe Citerio (Italy)
Jurgen Claassen (The Netherlands)
Zofia Czosnyka (UK)
Bart Depreitere (Belgium)
Per Kristian Eide (Norway)
Mengling ‘Mornin’ Feng (Singapore)
Anthony Figaji (South Africa)
Aristotelis Filippidis (USA)
Anne-Marie Guergerian (Canada)
William Gormley (USA)
Neil Harris (USA)
Peter Horn (Germany)
David A. Hovda (USA)
Matthias Jaeger (Australia)
George KC Wong (China)
Oliver Kempski (Germany)
Michael Kiefer (Germany)
Karl Kiening (Germany)
Petra M. Klinge (USA)
Liu Kui (China)
Erhard W. Lang (Germany)
Phil Lewis (Australia)
Joseph Madsen (USA)
Sergio Mascarenhas (Brazil)
James Pat McAllister (USA)
Ullrich Meier (Germany)
Jürgen Meixensberger (Germany)
Ivan Ng (Singapore)
Ronney B. Panerai (UK)
Nikolaus Plesnila (Ireland)
Veit Rohde (Germany)
Elisa Roncati Zanier (Italy)
Erik Schmidt (France)
Peter Smielewski (UK)
Martin Smrcka (Czech Republic)
Martin Söhle (Germany)
Luzius A. Steiner (Switzerland)
Hartmut Vatter (Germany)