April 14: Prof. Liang Fu (MIT) on “Majorana takes charge: from teleportation to quantum computation”

Title: Majorana takes charge: from teleportation to quantum computation
Location: 26-214, Thursday April. 14, Noon-1pm. Pizza at 11:45!
(Feel free to bring your own cup and plate)

Abstract: Majorana fermions appear as zero-energy modes bound to vortices and defects in topological superconductors. A pair of spatially separated Majorana modes gives rise to a fermion mode, which has an intrinsically nonlocal character and can be occupied or empty thus defining a topological qubit. In this talk, I will describe how the nonlocality of Majoana modes is manifested in conductance measurement on a topological superconductor island, how non-ovelapping Majorana modes can be controllably coupled, and how an array of such coupled Majorana modes can be used for quantum information processing. Key to all these phenomena is the interplay between Majorana modes and charging energy, and “Majorana takes charge”.

“The iQuISE program represents a bold step forward to coalesce and cohere the education and research training that will produce a new generation of quantum information researchers for our nation.”

—Claude R. Canizares, Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics, Vice President for Research, and Associate Provost