April 24, 2014: Dr. Jonathan Hodges (Diamond nanotechnologies)

Dr. Jonathan Hodges, VP of Engineering from Diamond Nanotechnologies, will be giving the lunch seminar tomorrow at noon in 36-428 (Haus).

He will be sharing some his work in diamond research and quantum information processing technologies, giving an overview of Diamond Nanotechnologies efforts, as well as highlighting his experiences with moving from academia to a start-up company.

Dr. Hodges completed his PhD at MIT with David Cory (now at Univ. of Waterloo), and held post-doctoral positions jointly at Harvard/MIT with Mikhail Lukin/David Cory and at Columbia University with Dirk Englund (now at MIT).


“The students in MIT’s new NSF training program will be encouraged to cross disciplines, and develop a common fellowship with their peers. We will also address training for post-academic jobs directly by connecting students to government and industrial members of the iQuISE Consortium.”

—Seth Lloyd, Co-Director, iQuISE, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Engineering Systems