Feb 2nd: Special Seminar by Dr. Denny Dahl (D-Wave Systems)

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, ROOM 26-214

Dr. Denny Dahl, D-Wave Systems
“Quantum computing with a D-Wave”

D-Wave Systems manufactures and sells the world’s first quantum computing system. During this talk, we will provide an overview of the company’s activities. We’ll describe the scientific and engineering challenges we are facing and the kinds of skills that we need to help us meet those challenges. The talk will include a demonstration in which we will pose and solve problems on an existing quantum computer.

“The IGERT program has been developed to meet the challenges of educating U.S. Ph.D. scientists, engineers, and educators with the interdisciplinary backgrounds, deep knowledge in chosen disciplines, and technical, professional, and personal skills to become in their own careers the leaders and creative agents for change.”

—The National Science Foundation