Kick-off Seminar 2014: Prof. Seth Lloyd. Thursday Sept 11, 2014

Co-Director of iQuISE, and MIT Prof. Seth Lloyd will be giving the kick-off seminar for the year. We welcome all new graduate students and continuing students! We will also be discussing our plans for this year.

Title: “Quantum machine learning”
Location: 26-214, Thursday Sept 11 Noon-1pm. Food provided!
(Feel free to bring your own cup, and plate)

Abstract: Machine learning algorithms look for patterns in large arrays of high-dimensional vectors. Quantum computers are adept at manipulating large arrays of high-dimensional vectors. This talk presents a series of quantum algorithms for big data analysis. The ability of quantum computers to perform Fourier transforms, find eigenvectors and eigenvalues, and invert matrices translates into quantum algorithms that are exponentially faster than their classical counterparts: complex patterns in datasets of size N can be identified in time O(log N).

“With the NSF’s generous support, which will combine with resources that MIT will devote as well as participation from a broad consortium of government and industry partners, we are going to tackle the educational and learning challenges in quantum information science with an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to training the new generation of QIS scientists and engineers.”

—Isaac Chuang, Director, iQuISE, and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Professor of Physics