Mar 13, 2014: Prof. Lorenza Viola (Dartmouth College) on “Advances in quantum Hamiltonian engineering”

Abstract: Hamiltonian engineering via open-loop quantum control provides a versatile and experimentally validated framework for precisely manipulating a broad class of target dynamical evolutions of relevance to quantum science, with applications including dynamical decoupling and dynamically corrected quantum gates, noise spectroscopy, and quantum simulation. In this talk, I will present recent theoretical advances in tackling two representative problems motivated by quantum information processing. First, I will show how to employ dynamical decoupling methods for non-Markovian error suppression to achieve high-fidelity long-time quantum memory, subject to practical access-latency constraints and control limitations. Next, I will describe how to achieve Hamiltonian simulation in (closed as well as open) many-body quantum systems, by avoiding instantaneous control operations and using only realistic local control Hamiltonians with bounded-strength. Illustrative examples will be emphasized throughout.

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—The National Science Foundation