May 15, 2014: Brendan Shields (Mikhail Lukin’s group, Harvard University) on “Charge and spin dynamics in NV centers”

The NV center is a promising system for applications including nanoscale sensing and quantum information. A key element for such technologies is the ability to prepare and detect the NV electron spin optically. I will describe our recent work on enhanced spin readout to within 3 times the quantum spin projection level through control of the NV charge state.

“With the NSF’s generous support, which will combine with resources that MIT will devote as well as participation from a broad consortium of government and industry partners, we are going to tackle the educational and learning challenges in quantum information science with an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to training the new generation of QIS scientists and engineers.”

—Isaac Chuang, Director, iQuISE, and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Professor of Physics