Nov. 19: Professor Anatoli Polkovnikov (Boston University) on “Quantum chaos, ergodicity and the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis”

Title: Quantum chaos, ergodicity and the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis

Location: 26-214, Thursday Nov 19, Noon-1pm. Pizza at 11:45!
(Feel free to bring your own cup and plate)

Abstract: In this talk I will briefly overview the ideas of quantum chaos both in single-particle and in many-body systems and their relation to the random matrix theory. I will introduce the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis as a natural extension of these ideas and discuss its implications to thermalization and emergence of various thermodynamic relations in isolated systems.

“There is widespread belief that fundamental ideas from QIS will lead to useful new information technology, and provide computing, communication, and control systems beyond the limits of traditional paradigms. These carry with them profound social implications. This is why iQuISE will incorporate education in ethics and social context.”

–Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Co-Director, iQuISE, and Julius A. Stratton Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics