Oct 23rd: Dr. Zheshen Zhang (MIT) and Sara Mouradian (MIT)

Dr. Zheshen Zhang, MIT
“Quantum sensing with loss and noise”

ROOM 26-214
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Entanglement is an essential ingredient for quantum information processing, but its fragility hampers its application in practical scenarios. We experimentally demonstrate quantum sensing in a lossy and noisy environment, and show that a performance enhancement over the best classical system is achievable in spite of the entanglement-breaking background.

Sara Mouradian, MIT
“Integrating quantum memories into a photonic circuit”

ROOM 26-214
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Pre-selected quantum nodes (diamond micro-waveguides containing single negatively charged nitrogen vacancy centers) are deterministically integrated into low-loss silicon nitride waveguides. Each quantum memory node efficiently couples into the single-mode waveguide and exhibits long spin coherence times.

“There is widespread belief that fundamental ideas from QIS will lead to useful new information technology, and provide computing, communication, and control systems beyond the limits of traditional paradigms. These carry with them profound social implications. This is why iQuISE will incorporate education in ethics and social context.”

–Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Co-Director, iQuISE, and Julius A. Stratton Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics