Oct 23rd: Dr. Zheshen Zhang (MIT) and Sara Mouradian (MIT)

Dr. Zheshen Zhang, MIT
“Quantum sensing with loss and noise”

ROOM 26-214
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Entanglement is an essential ingredient for quantum information processing, but its fragility hampers its application in practical scenarios. We experimentally demonstrate quantum sensing in a lossy and noisy environment, and show that a performance enhancement over the best classical system is achievable in spite of the entanglement-breaking background.

Sara Mouradian, MIT
“Integrating quantum memories into a photonic circuit”

ROOM 26-214
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Pre-selected quantum nodes (diamond micro-waveguides containing single negatively charged nitrogen vacancy centers) are deterministically integrated into low-loss silicon nitride waveguides. Each quantum memory node efficiently couples into the single-mode waveguide and exhibits long spin coherence times.

“The iQuISE program represents a bold step forward to coalesce and cohere the education and research training that will produce a new generation of quantum information researchers for our nation.”

—Claude R. Canizares, Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics, Vice President for Research, and Associate Provost