Quantum Information Science for Undergraduates, Class of 2009


Aaron R. Allen, Clemson University

Michael Bellanich, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Andrea Casaccino, MIT/Universita degli Studie Siena

Nivedita Chandrasekaran, MIT

Yee Lam Elim Cheung, Boston University

Melissa Cole, Cornell University

David Farhi, MIT

Elsa Gonsiorowski, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Luke Gordon, Trinity College Dublin

Hyun (Tony) Kim, MIT

Alex Lang, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Matthew Low, Unversity of British Columbia

H. Gorune Ohannessian, American University of Beirut

Douglas Onyango, Williams College

Evan Petersen, University of Pennsylvania

Brenton N. Rayner, Dartmouth College

Molu Shi, University of Toronto

Daniel Strouse, University of Southern California

Ken Van Tilburg, MIT

Xingze (Ken) Wang, MIT

John Caleb Wherry, Austin Peay State University

“With the NSF’s generous support, which will combine with resources that MIT will devote as well as participation from a broad consortium of government and industry partners, we are going to tackle the educational and learning challenges in quantum information science with an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to training the new generation of QIS scientists and engineers.”

—Isaac Chuang, Director, iQuISE, and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Professor of Physics