Quantum Information Science for Undergraduates, Class of 2010


Elisabeth Baseman, Amherst College

Lucas Brouwer, Whitworth University

Brielin Brown, Unviersity of Virginia

Linda Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sifang Chen, University of British Columbia

Justin Dove, Adelphi University

Gerd Grau, University of Cambridge

Lorien Hayden, Univesity of Missouri-Coumbia


Nicholas Haynes, University of Dayton

Urmila Mahadev, University of Southern California

Umnouy Ponsukcharoen, University of Chicago

Vivek Sharma, Illinois Institute of Technology

Nathaniel Thomas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David Witmer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Henry Yuen, University of Southern California

William Zeng, Yale University

“The iQuISE program represents a bold step forward to coalesce and cohere the education and research training that will produce a new generation of quantum information researchers for our nation.”

—Claude R. Canizares, Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics, Vice President for Research, and Associate Provost