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Sung Jae Kim

Sung Jae Kim
Research Scientist
Research Laboratory of Electronics




Sung Jae Kim received the B.S. degree in the department of Chemical Engineering of Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang, Korea, in 1998. He received the M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the same department in 2000. He received his Ph.D. from the department of Chemical Engineering and the division of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, same university in 2005. Before joining MIT as a postdoctoral associate in December 2005, he was a research scientist at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea. In 2010, he is working as Research Scientist at the same group in MIT.

Research Projects

Many discoveries in nanoscale science and engineering have been driven in large part by tools which now enable the characterization of fluids inside the nanoscale structure. We must now revolutionize nanofluidic system as a tool for environment, energy and bio-applications, and with this develop a deeper understanding of the underlying fundamental nanoscale science and electrokinetics. The objective is to use the micro/nano hybrid device as a model system for characterizing nonlinear electrokinetics and related phenomena including ion concentration polarization (ICP), and to develop novel engineering devices for seawater desalination, fuel cell and bio-sensing applications. The micro/nanofluidic system developed is ideally suited to track concentration, flow, and electric field simultaneously, in situ, providing valuable scientific data for this complex, coupled transport behavior. Such data have never been obtained previously, while it would be crucial in studying the ICP phenomena in microscopic detail. At the same time, ICP and related enhanced electrokinetic flow have potentials to be used for developing novel biosample concentrators and water purification / desalination devices.

  1. Fundamental Study on Nonlinear Electrokinetics near Nanofluidic Channel
    It features the nonlinearity of electrokinetic flow by investigating the details of ICP zone, non-equilibrium electroosmosis and amplified electrokinetics in micro/nano structures.

    Stabilization of Ion Concentration Polarization

    Amplified Electrokinetic Response by Concentration Polarization
    Nonlinear Electrokinetic Flow near Nanofluidic Channel

  2. Nanofluidic Seawater Desalination System (Environmental Technology)
    Large-scale-integrated novel nanofluidic system for desalination of seawater can be operated by ICP near perm-selective membrane at low power consumption

    Dirent Seawater Desalination by Ion Concentration Polarization

  3. Micro/Nanofluidic Sample Analysis Tools for Bio-Sensing (Bio Technology)
    Efficient/multiplexed protein-preconcentration system is further investigated using micro/nano structures.

    Continuous-flow Biomolecule and Cell Concentrator
    Droplet-based biomolecule concentrator
    Multiplexed preconcentrator for ELISA
    Multiplexed preconcentrator for immunoassays
    Fabrication of self-Sealed Vertical Polymeric Nanojunctions
    Fabrication of nanojunction by junction gap breakdown

  4. High Efficiency Micro/Nanofluidic Fuel Cell System (Energy Technology)
    Enhancing power throughput in fuel cell membrane system can be achieved by controlling the degree of convection near proton exchange membrane

  5. Electrohydrodynamics

    Electrohydrodynamic repulsive droplet generation
    Electrohydrodynamic Microdroplet Generation


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