Student Spotlight

Nano-Materials and Electronics Group: Wei Sun Leong

Research group name: Nano-Materials and Electronics Group (NME)

Hometown, Country: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Academic history prior to coming to MIT: B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore

What brought you to MIT?

I was introduced to the exciting field of two-dimensional (2D) materials during my undergraduate studies. I was especially curious in the highly-integrated multidisciplinary nature of this field. Physicists, chemists, electrical engineers, biomedical engineers and civil engineers; People from almost all branches of science and engineering are exploring the potential of 2D materials. My strong desire to pursue research on 2D materials has brought me to MIT and to the NME Lab, a pioneer research group in large-scale graphene synthesis.

What problem are you trying to solve with your current research and what are some possible applications?

My current research focuses on developing new synthesis and manipulation methods of large-area 2D materials with unique physical and chemical properties. These findings can lead to many disruptive advances in science and technology. 

What interests you most about your research?

I always have a strong desire to transform scientific and technical knowledge into useful products that people would love and need. My research is exciting as it facilitates the transformation of unconventional physics observed in small-sized samples into massive-scale disruptive technologies.

What are your future plans?

I will pursue a career in academia, actively engaging in both research and teaching.