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Current Projects

Heterojunction Photoconductor for Ultra-Sensitive Chemical Sensing (Summary)

Molecules as Segmented Storage Elements in Floating Gate Memories (Summary)

Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Photodetector Using 5 nm Thick J-aggregate Thin Film (Summary)


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“Lateral Organic Bi-layer Heterojunction Photoconductors,”
Applied Physics Letters 93, 063305 (2008).

Yu, J. and V. Bulović,
“Using Integrated Optical Feedback to Counter Pixel Aging and Stabilize Light Output of Organic LED Display Technology,”
IEEE Journal of Display Technology 4, 308-313 (2008).

Nausieda, I., K. Ryu, I. Kymissis, A. Akinwande, V. Bulović, C.G. Sodini,
“An Organic Active-Matrix Imager,”
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Chen, J.L., V. Leblanc, S.H. Kang, P.J. Benning, D. Schut, M.A. Baldo, M.A. Schmidt, V. Bulović,
“High Definition Digital Fabrication of Active Organic Devices by Molecular Jet Printing,”
Advanced Functional Materials 17, 2722-2727 (2007).

Yu, J. and V. Bulović,
“Micropatterning metal electrode of organic light emitting devices using rapid polydimethylsiloxane lift-off,”
Applied Physics Letters 91, 043102 (2007).

Madigan, C. and V. Bulović,
“Exciton Energy Disorder in Polar Amorphous Organic Thin Films: Monte Carlo Calculations,”
Physical Review B 75, 081403(R) (2007).

Inert atmosphere glove box environment

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