Quantum Photonics Laboratory
Professor Dirk R. Englund

Quantum Optics - Precision Measurement - Nanophotonics

Silicon photonics for optical quantum technologies
Modern silicon photonics opens new possibilities for high-performance quantum information processing, such as quantum simulation and high-speed quantum cryptography."
Solid state quantum memories
Solid state quantum memories based on electronic and nuclear spins are now becoming competitive for quantum repeater networks and distributed quantum computing"
Opto-electronic devices and systems based on 2D materials
2D materials, such as graphene, provide new capabilities in communications, sensing, imaging, nonlinear optics, and quantum information devices."
Quantum-enhanced sensing
Quantum sensors enable precision measurements of time, fields, and forces for applications in the physical and life sciences"

Research Overview

The field of quantum optics has led to the development of radically new ways to compute, communicate, and measure with quantum states. The Quantum Photonics Group is developing quantum technologies in scalable semiconductor systems, building on the dramatic achievements of semiconductor technology in past decades. Present goals include quantum simulators using scalable silicon photonic circuits and high-performance quantum memories based on electron spins in diamond color centers, high-speed quantum key distribution, and spin-off applications in opto-electronic devices for classical information processing. We are also pursuing new applications in precision measurements, including the development of electron spin-based timing devices and biosensors.

The Quantum Photonics Group is led by Dirk Englund, Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Mihir Pant is selected to give a lightning talk at NetSci 2017 for his collaborative work with Saikat Guha of BBN!

[ March 2017 ]

Dirk is awarded the OSA’s 2017 Adolph Lomb Medal for pioneering contributions to scalable solid-state quantum memories in nitrogen-vacancy diamond, high-dimensional quantum key distribution, and photonic integrated circuits for quantum!

[ February 2017 ]

Hannah Clevenson successfully defends her thesis!

[ February 2017 ]

Edward H. Chen successfully defends his thesis!

[ July 2016 ]

The groups of Dirk Englund, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, and Frank Koppens have been awarded a new MISTI program to accelerate collaboration in graphene optoelectronic devices.

[ December 2015 ]

The groups Prof. Cappellaro, Prof. Englund, and Prof. Wrachtrup are selected for a 2015 MISTI International Collaboration grant to spur collaboration on quantum memories and networks!

[ December 2015 ]

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