Quantum Photonics Laboratory
Professor Dirk R. Englund


Current Members

Dirk Englund

Associate Professor, EECS

englund -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-591

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Dirk Englund received his BS in Physics from Caltech in 2002. Following a Fulbright year at TU Eindhoven, he earned an MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in Applied Physics in 2008, both from Stanford University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University until 2010, when he started his group as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Applied Physics at Columbia University. In 2013, he joined the faculty of MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Dirk's research focuses on quantum technologies based on semiconductor and optical systems. Recent recognitions include the 2011 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the 2011 Sloan Research Fellowship in Physics, the 2012 DARPA Young Faculty Award, the 2012 IBM Faculty Award, an 2016 R&D100 Award, the OSA's 2017 Adolph Lomb Medal, and the 2017 ACS Photonics Young Investigator Award.

PhD (Appl. Physics), Stanford (2008)
MS (Electrical Engineering), Stanford
BS (Physics), Caltech

Janice Balzer

Administrative Assistant

balzer -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-825


Postdoctoral Researchers

Jacques Carolan

Postdoctoral Researcher

carolanj -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-591
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Jacques completed his MSci at the University of Bristol with first class honours, where he then went on to earn a PhD at the Centre for Quantum Photonics for his work "Universal Linear Optics: Characterisation, Verification and Computation". His research focuses on large-scale integrated quantum photonics for quantum information processing.

PhD (Physics) University of Bristol, UK (2015)
MSci (Physics and Philosophy) University of Bristol, UK (2011)

Ryan Hamerly

Postdoctoral Researcher

rhamerly -at- mit -dot- edu

R.H. was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1988. He graduated from Boulder High School in 2006 and received a B.S. degree from Caltech in 2010, working with Prof. Yanbei Chen on black hole mergers. In 2016 he received a Ph.D. degree in applied physics from Stanford, for work with Prof. Hideo Mabuchi on quantum control, nanophotonics, and nonlinear optics. In 2017 he was at the National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo), working with Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto on quantum annealing and optical computing concepts. He is currently an IC postdoctoral fellow at MIT with Prof. Dirk Englund.

PhD (Applied Physics) Stanford (2016). BS (Physics) Caltech (2010)

Frédéric Peyskens

Postdoctoral Researcher

fpeysken -at- mit -dot- edu
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Frédéric received his Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Ghent University in 2011 after which he worked as a research staff member in the group of Prof. Frank Verstraete, focusing on variational renormalization group methods to characterize topological phases. In April 2012, he started a PhD in Photonics Engineering in the Photonics Research Group at Ghent University under supervision of Prof. Roel Baets and Prof. Nicolas Le Thomas and supported by a BOF research fellowship from Ghent University. In collaboration with imec, where he was supervised by Prof. Pol Van Dorpe, he investigated the integration of nanoplasmonic antennas on photonic integrated circuits. The main goal of his PhD work was to realize on-chip Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy using these integrated nanoplasmonic circuits. His current research interests involve the investigation of 2D materials integrated on hybrid nanoplasmonic-nanophotonic waveguides and the use of integrated nanoplasmonic and dielectric cavities and antennas for realizing single photon sources and single photon non-linearities. This work is supported by a BAEF and Fulbright fellowship.

PhD (Photonics Engineering), Ghent University (2016)
MSc (Engineering Physics), Ghent University (2011)

Matt Trusheim

Postdoctoral Researcher

mtrush -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-585
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MS (Applied Physics), Columbia University (2011)
BS (Applied Physics), Yale University (2010)

Lorenzo De Santis

Postdoctoral Researcher

ldesanti -at- mit -dot- edu

Room 36-585

PhD (Physics), University of Paris-Saclay (2018). MS (Physics) University of Ferrara.

Chitraleema Chakraborty

Postdoctoral Researcher

cchakrab -at- mit -dot- edu

MS (Nanophysics and Nanostructructures) Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France

PhD (Materials Science), University of Rochester, NY, USA (2018).


Visiting Scholars

Rui Tang

Visiting Student

ruitang -at- mit -dot- edu

Room 36-545

M.S. (Communication Engineering) Tohoku University, Japan (2015)
B.S. (Information Engineering) Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (2013)

Rui is a visiting PhD student from the University of Tokyo, Japan. His research focuses on silicon photonics for both classical and quantum applications. Outside of the lab, he enjoys attending operas and concerts in nearby area, listening to opera arias and Kpop songs, and receiving classical vocal training at New England Conservatory. He is an immature baritone.


PhD Students

Eric Bersin

PhD Student

ebersin -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-680D

Eric received his BA from Harvard in 2014 with a double major in {Biomedical Engineering} and {Chemistry & Physics}, working with Mikhail Lukin on nanoscale NMR. After graduating, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to work on cavity optics at Ludwig-Maximillian Univeristy of Munich and the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics. Eric joined the Quantum Photonics Lab in Fall of 2015, where he is a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow, and works on large-scale characterization of defect center properties, quantum frequency down-conversion, and multi-qubit control and readout. Outside of the lab, Eric is a Resident Tutor at one of Harvard's houses, sings with the Jameson Singers choir, and works with MIT's Science Policy Initiative to promote scientifically-minded policy decisions and encourage science literacy in the broader public.

AB (Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry & Physics), Harvard (2014)

Darius Bunandar

PhD Student

dariusb -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-597

Darius received his BS in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. While at UT Austin, he worked on finding the event horizon of black holes under the guidance of Prof. Richard Matzner. In addition, along with the SXS Caltech-Cornell collaboration, he developed a software to visualize images that have been distorted by binary black holes. He also spent a year performing large-scale blast experiments and simulating explosions at the Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. as a co-op student intern. After enrolling in the Physics PhD program at MIT, his research interests have been shifted to the theory and practical implementations of quantum communication and computation. He is currently researching ways to improve secure quantum communications, including on-chip implementations of quantum key distribution networks.

BS (Physics), The University of Texas at Austin (2013)
BS (Mechanical Engineering), The University of Texas at Austin (2013)

Uttara Chakraborty

PhD Student

uttara -at- mit -dot- edu

SB (Electrical Engineering and Physics), MIT (2017)

Recipient of NDSEG and NSF Graduate Fellowships (2017)

Kevin Chen

PhD Student

kcchen -at- mit -dot- edu

Room 36-515

Recipient of NSF Graduate Fellowship (2017)

B.S. (Applied Physics) Caltech (2017)

S.M. (EECS) MIT (2019)


Hyeongrak Choi

PhD Student

choihr -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-515

BS (Electrical Engineering), Seoul National University

Ian Christen

PhD Student

ichr -at- mit -dot- edu

Ian received his BS in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Washington. There, he worked with Professor Kai-Mei Fu on nitrogen-vacancy center quantum computation. Ian will continue similar work in the Quantum Photonics Lab.
Ian runs kinda fast.

BS (Math, Physics) University of Washington (2017)

Recipient of the QISE-NET award.

Erik Eisenach

PhD Student

eisenach -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-595

BS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), The Citadel (2015)

Christopher Foy

PhD Student

cfoy3 -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-595

Christopher Foy earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). While at Georgia Tech I worked on determining the thermal conductivity of graphene. Since becoming a graduate student at MIT I have worked on using the NV center for sensing applications. Specifically, wide field magnetic field imaging. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy hanging out with my fellow lab mates, serving on the house government of my dorm (go Ashdown!), eating desserts, drinking excessive amounts of soda, and in general getting into trouble.

BS (Physics), Georgia Tech (2013)

Jordan Goldstein

PhD Student

jordango -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-680C
Google Scholar

Jordan Goldstein received S.B.'s in Physics and Electrical Engineering from MIT in the summer of 2014. After spending a year as an undergraduate doing photonic design for diamond-based quantum photonic research in Prof. Englund's group, he shifted his research focus towards graphene optoelectronics where he is currently working on telecommunications, sensing and network applications. He is currently funded by MIT Course 6's E. E. Landsman fellowship, although next year he will begin accepting funding from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Jordan is most strongly motivated by applications which tangibly impact people's lives. He is also motivated by interesting design problems and novel phenomena which can be used to improve technology. Although he is most comfortable with the abstraction levels of device physics and device-level photonics, he is eager to gain understanding and insight by delving into the lower-level behavior of the materials he works with, and to reinforce and optimize the usefulness of his research from a system-level point of view. Outside of the office, he enjoys linear combinations of cooking, gardening, DIY projects and music. He performs in MIT's Gamelan Galak Tika.

SB (Physics), MIT
SB (Electrical Engineering), MIT

Donggyu Kim

PhD Student

donggyu -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-515

Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
MS (Physics), Korea University (2013)
BS (Physics), Korea University (2011)

Tsung-Ju Lu

PhD Student

tsungjul -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-597

BS (Electrical Engineering), Caltech (2013)

Hyowon Moon

PhD Student

hwmoon -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-680D

MS (EECS), Seoul National University (2012)
BS (EE), Seoul National University (2010)

Christopher Panuski

PhD Student

cpanuski -at- mit -dot- edu

Christopher received a BS in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the United States Naval Academy in 2017. During his time at Academy, Chris worked on the development of radar signal processing algorithms as an intern at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, created digital image reconstruction techniques at the DoD Cyber Crime Center, and began initial research in photonics. His senior research thesis focused on the development of a mechanically mediated RF-to-optical transducer using integrated photonics. Following graduation, he was commissioned as a cryptologic officer in the United States Navy and, with the support of the Hertz Fellowship and the MIT Jacobs Presidential Fellowship, joined the Quantum Photonics Group as a PhD student. At MIT, he is excited to further explore integrated photonics in an effort to advance the fields of quantum cryptography, communications, and enhanced sensing.
Outside of the lab, Chris shares his passion for aviation as a volunteer flight instructor, and enjoys investigating the relationship between leadership and innovation in technical organizations.

BS (Electrical Engineering and Physics), United States Naval Academy (2017)

Cheng Peng

PhD Student

cpeng -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-680C

Cheng received her BA from Cornell University in 2013 with a double major in Physics and Mathematics, during which she spent a year studying abroad in the University of Oxford. As an undergrad, she first worked on computational mathematics, applying difference-map algorithm to the sphere packing problem. After that, she shifted her research focus to condensed-matter physics and has worked on graphene optics and photonics since then. Cheng joined Quantum Photonics Lab at MIT as a graduate student in the fall of 2013. Her research focuses both on investigating plasmonics and nonlinear optics in graphene on a fundamental research level, and on developing graphene photodetectors, modulators and nonlinear devices applications in information processing, communication and sensing technologies.

Outside of the lab, she enjoys landscape photography, music, sports and visiting interesting places.

BA (Mathematics), Cornell University (2013)
BA (Physics), Cornell University (2013)

Mihika Prabhu

PhD Student

mihika -at- mit -dot- edu

SB (Electrical Engineering), MIT (2015)
SB (Physics), MIT (2015)

Greg Steinbrecher

PhD Student

gstein -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-569
Google Scholar

Greg Steinbrecher received his SB from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012 with a double major in Physics and Electrical Engineering. From June 2010 through June 2013, he was an undergraduate researcher and then VI-A Master of Engineering student at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where his research focused on engineering and characterizing epitaxial quantum dots as a potential source of single photons in the communications band. Prior to this work, his first two years at MIT were spent as a researcher in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering studying the effects of extremely high current densities on ferromagnetic nanowires in pursuit of solid state magnetic memories. Greg also spent two summers in the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program characterizing satellite communications links to submarines for the United States Navy.
Greg is currently a PhD student at MIT and is National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellow, sponsored by ONR. His research interests include quantum optics and communications, metamaterials, numerical simulation, random processes, and security.

MEng (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), MIT (2013)
SB (Physics and Electrical Engineering), MIT (2012)

Noel Wan

PhD Student

noelwan -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-515

Noel received his B.A. in Physics from Columbia University in 2014. He is interested in quantum optics with spin qubits in diamond.

BA (Physics) Columbia University (2014)

Michael Walsh

PhD Student

mpwalsh -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-515

Michael Walsh earned his BS in Physics and EECS from MIT in 2013. He worked on thermopower waves in carbon nanotubes as an alternative energy source in the Strano lab for the first couple of years as an undergraduate. After comleting work in the Strano lab, his interest morphed into quantum computing, the field that he is currently focussing on. Initially working on cavity coupled ion traps in the Chuang lab, he transitioned to the Englund lab in 2014 where he is working on NV centers in diamond photonic networks. Outside the lab, Michael was heavily involved in student government. He loves the outdoors and frequenting the pool and tennis courts when not in the lab.

BS (Physics), MIT (2013)
BS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), MIT (2013)

Isaac Harris

PhD Student

ibwharri -at- mit -dot- edu

B.A.Sc. (Nanotechnology Engineering) University of Waterloo, Canada (2018)

Liane Sarah Béland Bernstein

PhD Student

lbern -at- mit -dot- edu

Liane received her Bachelor of Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal in 2016, specializing in Photonics. There, in the groups of Profs. Frédéric Leblond and Caroline Boudoux, she worked extensively on advancing biomedical imaging techniques such as Raman spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography. Subsequently, Liane took up a summer internship at Photon Etc, where she worked on improving the signal-to-noise ratio of hyperspectral imagers. In fall 2016, Liane started her graduate work in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, where in 2018, she earned her Master of Science for “Ultrahigh-Resolution, Deep-Penetration Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography” in Prof. Andy Yun’s group. She is currently developing both theoretical descriptions as well as experimental demonstrations of optical deep neural networks in the Quantum Photonics Laboratory. Outside the lab, Liane loves to climb rocks and play the flute.

BEng (Engineering Physics), Polytechnique Montreal (2016)
MS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), MIT (2018)

Order of the White Rose Scholarship (2016)
FRQNT Doctoral Fellowship (2016-2018)
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship (2018-2021)

Sarah Elizabeth Muschinske

PhD Student

muschins -at- mit -dot- edu

BS (Electrical Engineering) University of Texas at Austin (2018).

MS (Electrical Engineering) University of Texas at Austin (2018)

Hugo Larocque

PhD Student

hlarocqu -at- mit -dot- edu

Hugo completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in physics at the University of Ottawa where he worked with Ebrahim Karimi and Robert Boyd on generating and characterizing topologically structured waves. The methods that he developed there involve applications in several fields including quantum cryptography, electron microscopy, materials science, nonlinear optics, and fundamental physics. Hugo joined the Quantum Photonics Lab as a graduate student in 2018.

B.Sc. (Physics) University of Ottawa, Canada (2016).

M.Sc. (Physics) University of Ottawa, Canada (2018).


Masters Researchers

Alex Sludds

MEng Student

asludds -at- mit -dot- edu


Undergraduate Researchers



Postdoctoral Alumni

Igal Bayn

Currently Photonic Device Engineer at Cisco, Inc.


Florian Dolde

Currently at Diamond Nanotechnologies


Dmitri K. Efetov

Currently Assistant Professor at ICFO

Google Scholar

Ophir Gaathon

PhD 2011

CEO and Founder of Diamond Nanotechologies, Inc

LinkedIn, Google Scholar

Mikkel Heuck

Postdoctoral Fellow

LinkedIn, Google Scholar

Jonathan Hodges

PhD 2010, MIT

Currently Vice President of Engineering at Diamond Nanotechnologies


Kwang-Yong Jeong

Currently Professor at Gachon University

Google Scholar

Prof. Sinan Karaveli

Currently at Boston Consulting Group

Google Scholar

Jake Mower

PhD, 2015

Currently Senior Data Scientist at Ultra Capital LLC

LinkedIn, Google Scholar

Jiabao Zheng

PhD 2017

Currently at Elenion

Google Scholar

MS (Electrical Engineering), Columbia University (2013)
BS (Applied Physics), Northwestern Polytechnical University (2012)

Gabriele Grosso

Currently Assistant Professor at CUNY

Google Scholar

PhD (Physics) École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
MSc (Physics) University of Padua

Dominika Lyzwa

Postdoctoral Researcher

dlyzwa -at- mit -dot- edu
Room 36-587

PhD (Physics), University Göttingen & Edinburgh University, Scotland
Diplom (Physics), University Göttingen & MSc (Physics) University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6


PhD Alumni

Edward H. Chen

PhD, 2016

Currently Research Scientist at HRL Laboratories, California

LinkedIn, Google Scholar

Hannah Clevenson

PhD, 2017

Luozhou Li

PhD, 2015

Currently at GlobalFoundries

LinkedInGoogle Scholar

Jake Mower

PhD, 2015

Currently Senior Data Scientist at Ultra Capital LLC

LinkedIn, Google Scholar

Ren-Jye Shiue

PhD 2017

Currently at Analog Photonics

Room 36-585
Google Scholar

MS (EE) Columbia University
MS (EE) National Taiwan University
BS (Physics) National Taiwan University

Catherine Lee

PhD 2017

Lincoln Laboratory

cath -at- mit -dot- edu

Room 36-569
Google Scholar

MA (Physics), Columbia University (2013)
BA (Physics), Wellesley College

Mihir Pant

PhD 2017

Mihir received his B. Eng. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a specialization in Photonics and a minor in Physics from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. While at NTU, he developed a model for femtosecond laser induced photoemission that predicted deviations from the generalized Einstein photoelectric effect due to non-equilibrium heating dynamics and quantum tunneling. During this time, he also studied quantum shot noise suppression in electron field emission. He spent a semester as a research intern at the Institute for High Performance computing in Singapore where he developed an optoelectronic model for plasmon enhanced bulk heterojunction solar cells.

After moving to MIT, he moved his focus to optical quantum computing. He is currently working on quantum information processing with temporal modes, on-chip photon sources and cluster state quantum computing.

BEng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), NTU

Sara Mouradian

PhD 2018

Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Berkeley

Google Scholar

Sara Mouradian received her BS in EECS from MIT in 2010, and her MEng in EECS from MIT in 2011 under Dr. Franco Wong. Following 6 months of research at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light she returned to MIT as a PhD student in the fall of 2012. In June she began work in the Quantum Photonics Lab. Her research focuses on the efficient control of light-matter interaction on the nanoscale.
If Sara's outside the office, she's probably climbing.

MEng (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), MIT (2011)
BS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), MIT (2010)

Nicholas C. Harris

PhD 2017

Currently CEO and Founder of Lightmatter

Google Scholar

I graduated from the University of Idaho in 2009 with a BSc in electrical engineering. I then joined Micron Technologies as a Research and Development Product Engineer studying, among other things, hot-carrier effects in 24nm transistors in DRAM and NAND circuits. In 2011, I joined Michael Hochberg and Tom Baehr-Jones at the University of Washington to investigate the field of nanophotonics. I received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in 2012 (for my proposal on a terabit, nanophotonic, chip-to-chip link) along with my MSc in electrical engineering from the University of Washington. In 2013, I joined Dirk Englund's group at MIT to investigate integrated quantum optics. The aim of my research is to build a fully-integrated quantum simulation machine. I'm from the Pacific Northwest. Freeskiing, bouldering and mountain biking are a few of my hobbies.

MSc (Electrical Engineering), University of Washington
BSc (Electrical Engineering), University of Idaho


Dedicated Undergraduate Alumni

Tamara Dordevic

Currently PhD student at Harvard University

Amy Greene

Currently MEng student at MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Prashanta Kharel

Currently PhD student at Yale University

Rishi Patel

Currently PhD student at Stanford University

Amir Karamlou

Undergraduate 2018

Currently a PhD student at MIT


Visiting Scholar Alumni

Manuel Meierhofer

Visiting Scholar

meierhof -at- mit -dot- edu