Physical Optics and Electronics Group
Prof. Rajeev Ram

We invent new optoelectronic devices to solve problems in communications, energy, and bioengineering. Our research focuses on the boundary of systems and device physics. The systems drive the need for creative solutions and validate the utility of our scientific work.


The first microprocessor with an optical network was reported in Nature. This demonstration marks the culmination of a decade of work started at MIT and continued through collaborations at Berkeley and the University of Colorado at Boulder. The work has been widely discussed.

Nature Photonics spotlights Jin Xue’s paper on the first thermophotonic visible LED. This paper demonstrated a blue Gallium Nitride LED whose performance improve as its temperature rises – potentially eliminating the need for heat sinks which are currently the most expensive part of an LED bulb. This demonstration is also seen as a necessary step towards the realization of 100% efficient visible LEDs – building on our previous work demonstrating 100% infrared LEDs.

Nature Photonics and OSA spotlight Duanni Huang and Parthi Santhanam’s paper on using a thermophotonic LED to approach the Shannon Capacity limit for a communication channel.