Physical Optics and Electronics Group, Prof. Rajeev Ram
We invent new optoelectronic devices to solve problems in communications, energy, and bioengineering. Our research focuses on the boundary of systems and device physics. The systems drive the need for creative solutions and validate the utility of our scientific work.

2014 Publications (PDF)


Nature Photonics and OSA spotlight Duanni Huang and Parthi Santhanam’s paper on using a thermophotonic LED to approach the Shannon Capacity limit for a communication channel.

Ningren Han presents paper on "Microfluidics for Control of Synthetic Biology" at the International Conference on Microsystems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS) in San Antonio, Texas.

Karan Mehta presents a poster on "Nanophotonic and CMOS-integrated Architectures for Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processing" at the International Conference on Atomic Physics in Washington DC. 

Karan Mehta's paper demonstrating a trapped ion qubit on a CMOS chip was published in Applied Physics Letters.

William Loh's paper demonstrating an optoelectronic filter capable of extracting a weak signal buried 56 dB below a neighboring strong signal 1 GHz away was published in Nature Scientific Reports.


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