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    Former Visiting Scientists

Sae-Young Chung   Prof. Sae-Young Chung (2009-10)
    Prof. Venu Veeravalli (2008)
Dr. Ram Zamir
  Prof. Ram Zamir (2002-3)
    Prof. Frank Kschischang (1997-8)
    Former Postdoctoral Scholars

  Dr. Arya Mazumdar (2011-12)
Maryam Modir Shanechi   Dr. Maryam Modir Shanechi (2011-12)
  Dr. Vijay Divi (2008-09)
Yuval Kochman   Dr. Yuval Kochman (2009-12)
  Dr. Aslan Tchamkerten (2005-8)

  Dr. Chen-Pang Yeang (2005-6)

Dr. Pascal O. Vontobel (2005-6)


Dr. Elif Uysal Biyikoglu  

Dr. Elif Uysal Biyikoglu (2004-5)

Dr. Uri Erez   Dr. Uri Erez (2002-5)
  Dr. Aaron Cohen (2001-2)
    Dr. Steven H. Isabelle (1996-7)
    Dr. Ofir Shalvi (1994-5)
    Doctoral Student Alumni and Theses


Maryam Modir Shanechi (PhD 2011)

Real-Time Brain-Machine Interface Architectures: Neural Decoding from Plan to Movement


Anthony Accardi (PhD 2010)

Generating Pictures from Waves: Aspects of Image Formation


Venkat Chandar (PhD 2010)

Sparse Graph Codes for Compression, Sensing, and Secrecy



Charles Swannack (PhD 2010)

Channel State Quantization in MIMO Broadcast Systems: Architectures and Codes


Urs Niesen (PhD 2009)

Scaling Laws for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


Ashish Khisti (PhD 2008)

Algorithms and Architectures for Multiuser, Multi-terminal, Multi-layer Information Theoretic Security


Vijay Divi (PhD 2008)

Estimation and Calibration Algorithms for Distributed Sampling Systems


Lane Brooks (PhD 2008)

Circuits and Algorithms for Pipelined ADCs in Scaled CMOS Technologies


Everest Huang, (PhD 2005)

Circuit-Aware System Design Techniques for Wireless Communication

Emin Martinian  

Emin Martinian, (PhD 2004)

Dynamic Information and Constraints in Source and Channel Coding

Albert Chan  

Albert Chan, (PhD 2004)

A Framework for Low-Complexity Iterative Interference Cancellation in
Communication Systems

Huan Yao   Huan Yao, (PhD 2003)
Efficient Signal, Code, and Receiver Designs for MIMO Communication Systems
Michael J. Lopez   Michael J. Lopez, (PhD 2002)
Multiplexing, Scheduling, and Multicasting Strategies for Antenna
Arrays in Wireless Networks
J. Nicholas Laneman   J. Nicholas Laneman, (PhD 2002)
Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks: Algorithms and
  Stark C. Draper, (PhD 2002)
Successive Structuring of Source Coding Algorithms for Data Fusion,
Buffering, and Distribution in Networks
    Brian Chen, (PhD 2000)
Design and Analysis of Digital Watermarking, Information Embedding,
and Data Hiding Systems
    Haralabos C. Papadopoulos, (PhD 1998)
Efficient Digital Encoding and Estimation of Noisy Signals (with
Application to Wireless Sensor Networks)
    James M. Ooi, (PhD 1998)
A Framework for Low-Complexity Communication Over Channels with
    Warren M. Lam, (PhD 1997)
Multiscale Methods for the Analysis and Application of Fractal Point
Processes and Queues
    Steven H. Isabelle, (PhD 1995)
A Signal Processing Framework for the Analysis and Application of
Chaotic Systems

Masters Student Alumni


Gauri Joshi (SM 2012)

Da Wang (SM 2010)

Kevin Boyle (SM 2007)

Venkat Chandar (M. Eng. 2006)

Maryam M. Shanechi (SM 2006)

Charles H. Swannack (SM 2005)

Ashish Khisti (SM 2004)

Vijay Divi (M. Eng.  2004)

Cynthia Chow (M.Eng./VI-A 2002)
Emin Martinian (SM 2000)
Albert M. Chan (SM 1999)
Durodami Lisk (M.Eng./VI-A 1999)
Huan Yao (M.Eng./VI-A 1998)
J. Nicholas Laneman (SM 1997)
Alexander C. Wang (SM 1997)
John Fini (M.Eng./VI-A 1997)
Soosan Beheshti (SM 1996)
Brian Chen (SM 1996)
Junehee Lee (SM 1995)
Haralabos C. Papadopoulos (SM 1993)
Warren M. Lam (SM 1992)
Andrew C. Singer (SM 1992)

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