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Friday Afternoon Poster Session

Author(s) Title Abstract Link Poster Link
Berry, D. A., Doellinger, M. Kreiman, J., Gerratt, B. & Berke, G. S. Evaluation of basic paradigms of vocal fold vibration PDF Abstract  
Boyce, S., Espy-Wilson, C., Tiede, M., Zhang, Z., Holland, C. & Choe, A. Comparing idealized models to vocal tract imaging data: A case report PDF Abstract  
Burton, M. & Noble, D. K. The role of orthography in segmentation of speech sounds PDF Abstract Full PDF
Carré, R., Serniclaes, W. & Marsico, E. Production and perception of vowel categories PDF Abstract Full PDF
Carrell, T., Shapley, K. & Dunn, C. Auditory object formation as an integral part of speech perception PDF Abstract  
Chmielewska, I. Prosody-based text independent speaker identification method PDF Abstract Full PDF
Cunningham, S. & Cooke, M. Increased intelligibility of band-pass filtered speech in the presence of noise PDF Abstract  
Degenshein, R. Dhulou interdentals: Fricatives or affricates? Evidence from domain-initial strengthening PDF Abstract Full PDF
Dilley, L. & Brown, M. Are categorical production effects in F0 extremum alignment related to the perceived relative pitch of syllables? PDF Abstract  
Dypvik, A. T. & Slawinksi, E. B. Perceptual differences in categorization of speech sounds by Norwegian/English bilinguals PDF Abstract  
Fuchs, S., Hoole, P., Brunner, J. & Inoue, M. The trough effect – an aerodynamic phenomenon? PDF Abstract Full PDF
Gérard, J-M., Perrier, P, Payan, Y. & Wilhelms-Tricarico, R. A new 3D dynamical biomechanical tongue model PDF Abstract  
Gilchrist, P., Oz, M., Goldstein, J. L. & Valente, M. Reductions in phoneme confusions from waveform compression in an essentially nonlinear hearing aid PDF Abstract  
Grigos, M. I., Patel, R. & Syeda, M. Kinematic and acoustic correlates of the question asking in children PDF Abstract  
Heeren, W. Perceptual development of a new phoneme contrast by adult and 12-7 year-old listeners PDF Abstract Full PDF
Hirose, K., Sato, K. & Minematsu, N. Corpus-based generation of F0 contours using generation process model for emotional speech synthesis PDF Abstract Full PDF
Hiroya, S., Mochida, T. & Kashino, M. Reducing reduncancy in acoustic-to-articulatory inversion by fundamental frequency PDF Abstract  
Hodge, M. M., Chesworth, J., Cote, K., Shaw, C. & Williams, S. Effect of phonetic context on women’s vowel area PDF Abstract Full PDF
Holt, L. & Wade, T. Non-linguistic sentence-length precursors affect speech perception: Implications for speaker and rate normalization PDF Abstract Full PDF
Howe, M. S. & McGowan, R. S. Aeroacoustics of [s] PDF Abstract  
Huffman, M. K. Effects of prosodic structure on the timing of coda glottalization PDF Abstract  
Iskarous, K. Fourier parameterization of the area function: evidence from speech production PDF Abstract  
Jongman, A. & Sereno, J. Acoustic and perceptual characteristics of fricatives PDF Abstract  
Kim, J-M., Peabody, M., Wang, C. & Seneff, S. An interactive English pronunciation dictionary for Korean EFL learners PDF Abstract  

Lee, Wai-Sum

An acoustic investigation on the Cantonese vowels in the speech of the adult and child speakers
Liao, J-S. Coarticulation of Mandarin Tone 3 PDF Abstract Full PDF
Livescu, K. & Glass, J. Feature-based pronunciation modeling for automatic speech recognition PDF Abstract  
Menard, L., Boë, L-J. & Schwartz, J-L. Vocal tract growth: modeling speech production and perception PDF Abstract  
Morrisett, M. Recursive change in phonological acquisition PDF Abstract Full PDF
Namasivayam, A. K., & van Lieshout, P. Lip kinematics in people who stutter: Comparisons within and across days PDF Abstract  
Oh, M. & Steriade, D. Spelling and phonetic information determine the outcome in loan adaptation PDF Abstract  
Pincas, J. & Jackson, P. J. B. Acoustic correlates of voicing-frication interaction in fricatives PDF Abstract Full PDF
Sasisekaran, J. & De Nil, L. F. Effect of phonological complexity on speech planning in persons who stutter PDF Abstract  
Savela, J., Tuomainen, J. & Aaltonen, O. Subjects use different spectral attributes in attentive and pre-attentive discrimination of vowels
Scherer, R., Zhai, G. & Fulcher, L. A vertical three-mass model of phonation PDF Abstract  
Sereno, J., Fergel, J., Jongman, A., Dijkstra, T. & van Heuven, W. Perception of native and foreign-accented speech PDF Abstract  
Shah, A. Production and perceptual correlates of Spanish-accented English PDF Abstract Full PDF
Sidtis, J. What speech production tells us about brain imaging PDF Abstract  
Slifka, J., Stevens, K. N., Manuel, S. & Shattuck-Hufnagel, S. A landmark-based model of speech perception: History and recent developments PDF Abstract Full PDF
Smiljanic, R. Contrast Enhancement in Serbian PDF Abstract  
Varden, J. K. Modeling phonetics and phonology PDF Abstract  
Wallace, M. E. & Max, L. Internal models of the vocal tract revealed by articulatory adaptation to formant-shifted auditory feedback PDF Abstract  
Wilson, I. & Gick, B. Articulatory settings of bilingual speakers
Xu, Y. The penta model of speech melody: Transmitting multiple communicative functions in parallel PDF Abstract Full PDF
Yasinnik, Y., Renwick, M. & Shattuck-Hufnagel, S. The timing of speech-accompanying gestures with respect to prosody PDF Abstract Full PDF
Zandipour, M., Guenther, F., Perkell, J., Perrier, P., Payan, Y. & Badin, P. Vowel-vowel planning in acoustics and muscle space PDF Abstract Full PDF
Zee, Eric A comparison of the formant frequencies of the vowels in Cantonese and American English

Saturday Poster Session

Author(s) Title Abstract Links Poster Links
Aasland, W. A., Baum, S. R. & McFarland, D. H. Adaptation to structural modifications of the vocal tract during speech: Electropalatographic and acoustic measures PDF Abstract  
Agwuele, A. Effect of stress on coarticulation PDF Abstract Full PDF
Arai, T. History of Chiba and Kajiyama and their influence in modern speech science PDF Abstract Full PDF
Barlow, J. A. Structural variation in consonant clusters: Evidence from acquisition data
Bose, A. Effects of linguistic complexity on lip movement kinematics in individuals with aphasia and normal speakers PDF Abstract  
Campbell, F., Gick, B. & Namdaran, N. The gestural organization of English /r/: A study of timing and magnitude PDF Abstract  
Cedolin, L. & Delgutte, B. Neural representations of pitch PDF Abstract  
Chitoran, I. Prosodic effects on glide-vowel sequences in three Romance languages PDF Abstract  
Cooke, M. & Simpson, S. Listening to glimpses of speech PDF Abstract  
Croot, K., Tree, J., Palethorpe, S., Rastle, K., Deacon, B., Malloy, N., Brunsdon, R. & Bakker, K. What is the nature of the disorder in foreign accent syndrome PDF Abstract  
Doellinger, M., Berke, G. S. & Berry, D. A. Quantitative measurements of the medial surface of the vocal folds in an in vivo canine model PDF Abstract Full PDF
Erickson, D. On phrasal organization and jaw opening PDF Abstract Full PDF
Esposito, A., Marinaro, M. & Palambo, G. Children’s speech pauses as markers of different discourse structures and utterance information content PDF Abstract Full PDF
Feng, Y., Max, L., Hao, G. J. & Xue, S. A. A more subtle form of anticipatory coarticulation: Transvocalic consonant-to-consonant articulatory adjustments PDF Abstract  
Fujisaki, H. The command-response model for the fundamental frequency contour of speech: Its formulation, underlying mechanisms, and applications PDF Abstract  
Fulop, S. A. Speech spectrography beyond the Fourier transform PDF Abstract  
Hasegawa-Johnson, M., Borys, S. & Chen, K. Experiments in landmark-based speech recognition PDF Abstract  
Hertz, S. R. & Goldhor, R. When can speech segments serve as "surrogates"? PDF Abstract  
Hirata, Y. Relational acoustic invariance in Japanese vowel length distinction PDF Abstract Full PDF
Husain, T. & Horwitz, B. Neural bases of categorization of simple sounds PDF Abstract  
Juneja, A. & Espy-Wilson, C. Significance of invariant acoustic cues in a probabilistic framework for landmark-based speech recognition PDF Abstract Full PDF
Kohler, K. Categorical speech perception revisited PDF Abstract Full PDF
Krause, J. C. & Braida, L. D. Phonetic level error patterns in conversational and clear speech PDF Abstract  
Kreiman, J., Van Lancker Sidtis, D. & Gerratt, B. R. Defining and measuring voice quality PDF Abstract Full PDF
Laaksonen, J-P., Niemi, M., Happonen, R-P. & Aaltonen, O. Acoustic analysis of vowels before and after orthognatic surgery PDF Abstract Full PDF
Liu, F. & Xu, Y. Interaction of focus and interrogative meanings in Mandarin PDF Abstract  
Löfqvist, A. Making a vocal tract closure longer and shorter PDF Abstract Full PDF
Lotto, A. J., Sato, M. & Diehl, R. L. Mapping the task for the second language learner: The case of Japanese acquisition of /r/ and /l/. PDF Abstract Full PDF
Messum, P. Learning to talk: Non-imitative mechanisms for the replication of adult phonetic phenomena in child speech PDF Abstract  
Munhall, K. G., Tiede, M., Perkell, J. P., Doucette, A. & Vatikiotis-Bateson, E. Articulatory KENemtics: Revisiting the Stevens cineradiograph PDF Abstract  
Nevins, A. & Vaux, B. Consonant harmony in Karaim and the phonetics-phonology distinction
Nooteboom, S. Self monitoring of inner speech and overt speech PDF Abstract Full PDF
Ohde, R. & Camarata, S. Cue weighting of static and dynamic vowel properties by adults and children with normal language and specific language impairment PDF Abstract Full PDF
Patel, A. D., Iverson, J. R. & Ohgushi, K. Native language influences the perception of
non-linguistic rhythm
PDF Abstract  
Patel, R., Krauthammer, A. & Wayne, L. Communicative use of prosodic contrasts in severe speech impairment. PDF Abstract  
Seneff, S. Subword linguistic modeling for multiple applications in speech understanding PDF Abstract  
Stone, M. & Epstein, M. A. The tongue: The whole is the sum of the parts PDF Abstract  
Suchato, A. Classification of stop consonant place of articulation: Combining acoustic attributes PDF Abstract Full PDF
Sumner, M. & Samuel, A. G. The effect on lexical access of phonologically regular variation PDF Abstract  
Tuomainen, J. & Pikkanen, O. Discrimination of sine wave speech analogs in speech and non-speech modes: A role for selective attention PDF Abstract  
Vallabha, G. & Tuller, B. Choice of filter order in LPC analysis of vowels PDF Abstract Full PDF
Van Lancker Sidtis, D. & Sidtis, J. J. The physical basis of prosodic processing in speech PDF Abstract  
van Lieshout, Pascal H. H. M. Dynamical principles in the control of speech movements: Influence of amplitude and rate PDF Abstract  
Werner, S. & Vainio, M. Intonation modeling dogmas: the case of ToBI
Wood, S. A cinefluorographic study of uvular consonants in Swedish and West Greenlandic PDF Abstract Full PDF
Yeou, M. Factors affecting F0 alignment patterns in Arabic


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