From Sound to Sense: 50+ Years of Discoveries in Speech Communication :: Friday, June 11-Sunday, June 13, 2004 at MIT :: Conference Proceedings
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Special Acknowledgments

We’d like to extend our thanks to the many volunteers who have worked on this conference. At the time of this printing, these volunteers are:

Abeer Alwan, Takayuki Arai, Tomoe Arai, Sheila Blumstein, Ann Bradlow, Suzanne Boyce, Alejna Brugos, Lan Chen, Xuemin Chi, Margaret Denny, Carol Espy-Wilson, Jim Glass, Louis Goldstein, David Gow, Helen Hanson, Bob Hillman, Caroline Huang, Michael Kenstowicz, Jong-mi Kim, Harlan Lane, Lisa Lavoie, Steven Lulich, Harriet Magen, Oliver Manuel, Jr., Melanie Matthies, Ignatius Mattingly, Joanne Miller, Anthony Okobi, Andrew Oxenham, Mike Phillips, Margaret Renwick, Donca Steriade, Ellen Stockmann, Edythe Strand, Atiwong Suchato, Kushan Surana, Mark Tiede, Nanette Veilleux, Doug Whalen, Arlene Wint, Majid Zandipour, Sherry Zhao, and Cheryl Zoll.

The Research Laboratory of Electronics has supported this conference with their financial contribution, many talents, and encouragement. Our special thanks to Krista Van Guilder, Mary Young, Dave Foss, Bill Smith and Jeff Shapiro. Sincere gratitude also goes to MIT Conference Services, especially Cathi Levine, Eva Cabone, Nora McGunnigle, Marie Seamon, Joy Studley, and Jeannie Lauricella. The MIT Publishing Services Bureau, particularly Emer Garland, has assisted in the creation of the printed Conference Program and we are grateful for their help.

Program Brochure cover design, conference website, and conference CD: Krista Van Guilder

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