From Sound to Sense: 50+ Years of Discoveries in Speech Communication :: Friday, June 11-Sunday, June 13, 2004 at MIT :: Conference Proceedings
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Institutional Sponsors

  • The Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT
  • The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institutes of Health§
  • The National Science Foundation*
  • The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT
  • The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, MIT
  • The Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

Laboratory and Corporate Sponsors

  • Haskins Laboratories
  • Sensimetrics Corporation

Individual Sponsors

Pam Beddor
Suzanne Boyce
Martha W. Burton
Nat Durlach
Anna Esposito
Osamu Fujimura
Hiroya Fujisaki
Kiyoshi Hashimoto
Ray Kent
Jody Kreiman & Bruce R. Gerratt
Samuel Jay Keyser
Sharon Manuel
Paula Menyuk
Kazuo Nakata
Geoffrey Nathan
Ralph Ohde
Joe Perkell
John Rosowski
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel
Janet Slifka
Hisayoshi Suzuki
Jouji Suzuki
George Wodicka

§ This conference is supported by the National Institutes of Health/NIDCD
   under Conference Grant 1-R13-DC007082-01.
* This conference is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant BCS-0418205.
   Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are
   those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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