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Technical Gala


RLE 60+ Technical Gala

Watch the Video of the Awards Ceremony:

RLE 60+ Technical Gala Awards Ceremony
Windows Media Format, 33mb

The RLE 60+ Technical Gala on June 1st celebrates the 60th anniversary of RLE's founding with a dazzling showcase of 100 posters and demonstrations representing just a sample of the many science and engineering projects today in the Laboratory.

Attendees will vote for prizes to be awarded in the following five categories:

- Most Entertaining Poster

- Most Visually Harmonious

- Best Display of RLE Spirit

- Best Use of Demos or Alternative Media

- Most Likely to Change the World in 10 Years

The Gala will also feature refreshment, good music, and exceptional company.

The event is open to the public. Please join us!


Information for Presenters

On the day of the event, June 1, presenters are expected to arrive at 12:30pm at Walker Memorial with their posters. They are to check in with the greeters at the entrance to pick-up a name tag and directions on where to hang their poster(s). Push-pins will be provided for hanging your posters.

PLEASE NOTE: RLE is not responsible for getting your poster to the event or hanging it for you. If you will not be attending but have a poster to display, please make arrangements with a group member to transport and hang your poster for you. At the end of the event, presenters are expected to take down their posters.


Poster Template

We encourage anyone who is submitting a poster to use the provided RLE template. The poster is sized 48" x 36" and is in Powerpoint format.

Download the PPT Template

RLE is also organizing the printing of posters for this event. The printer will only accept PDF files sized to 48" x 36" in landscape/vertical format. Instructions for creating PDF files from the Powerpoint template are below. Files must be submitted for printing no later than May 23 at 5pm.

Instructions for creating a PDF file

For Windows Users

  1. Select "Print" from the File menu
  2. Choose the Adobe PDF printer from the list of printers
  3. Click "Properties" next to the printer selection drop-down
  4. Select the "Adobe PDF Settings" tab from the popup that appears
  5. Click "Add Custom Page" and enter the 36"x48" size that you need and save the new page size
  6. Make sure that the Default Settings are set to "High Quality" or "Press Quality"
  7. Select your new custom page size and press "OK" to print the PDF
  8. Save the PDF, then open it and review it, the PDF is a good indicator of how the poster will print, so if anything looks wrong with the PDF it should be corrected before submitting


Download the free Cute PDF Writer from here, install it on your computer and then:

  1. Choose file -> Print
  2. In the printer box, choose Cute PDF Writer
  3. Choose print range = current slide
  4. Select scale to fit paper
  5. Click on Properties and make sure Landscape is selected in Orientation
  6. Click on Advanced and from the Paper Size drop-down menu get the PostScript Custom Page Size Definition window.
  7. Choose custom PS paper size. Set Width to 36, and Height to 48. This is the reverse of the poster, but the printer prints documents sideways. Make sure Paper Feed Direction is Short End First.
  8. Click OK to go back to the Print window. Click OK and you will shortly get a dialog box asking for a file name. Select your name, and you will create a PDF image of your file.

In addition, some students have suggested downloading these applications to create large PDF files:

PrimoPDF Writer

PDFill PDF Writer

For Macintosh Users

  1. In PowerPoint, go to File: Page Setup (note the width and height of the slide)
  2. Under Paper Size, select "Manage Custom Sizes"
  3. Enter the width and height opposite of how Page Setup appears (i.e. swap the Height and Width values)
  4. Set all of the margins to zero
  5. Save this setup and hit OK
  6. Select the new page size from the Paper Size list, then click "OK"
  7. Select File: Print, then choose the Adobe PDF printer (preferred)


  8. Select File: Print, then click "PDF", "Save as PDF"
  9. Check the PDF to make sure everything is OK. The most common problem will be incorrect orientation... if this happens go back and redefine the page size with the Height and Width values swapped. For some reason choosing Landscape vs. Horizontal doesn't seem to have any effect.


FILE SUBMISSION/Poster printing

RLE is providing printing of all posters for this event free of charge for all RLE members. Ambit Press, located on Main Street in Cambridge will be printing posters for this event. If you would like to take advantage of this free service, you MUST submit your posters to Ambit Press by Wednesday, May 23rd by 5pm.

Additionally EECS has offered to print posters for this event. Their deadline is May 17th.

All posters must be sized 48" x 36" in landscape/vertical format even if you do not use the provided template.

Posters will be printed on 80# gloss text and will not be mounted. The Technical Gala event will provide tack boards to hang posters. They will not be using easels.

File must be in PDF format. See instructions above for creating a PDF file. Powerpoint files or any other type of file will not be accepted. It is your responsability to make sure your poster is correct before sending it to the printer.

Files should be emailed to both:
solutions@ambitpress.com and eminks@ambitpress.com
Individuals must refer to RLE 60+ Technical Gala in the subject line.

Once you have submitted your file, you will receive an email from Ambit Press letting you know when your poster will be delivered. Please allow at least 5 business days for printing and delivery. All posters will be delivered to RLE Headquarters, 36-413.

If you have any questions regarding file submission, printing or delivery, please contact Ernest Minks at Ambit Press (617) 876-3688.

PLEASE NOTE: RLE does not own a large-format printer and therefore is not capable of printing these posters in-house.


Event Information

Presenter Information

RLE Poster Template

File Submission/Poster Printing

Technical Gala Abstract Book (PDF Format)

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