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Andrew J. Oxenham

Andrew J. Oxenham, PhD
Group Leader

Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota, and Visiting Scientist, Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT


Christoph Micheyl

Christophe Micheyl, PhD
Visiting Scientist

Projects include pitch perception in complex environments, and the functional anatomy of auditory scene analysis.

Xuedong Zhang

Xuedong Zhang, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

I am interested in mathematically modeling acoustic psychophysics
and physiology, signal processing in cochlear implants and hearing aids,
and the neural coding of sound.

Andrea Simonson

Andrea Simonson, PhD, CCC-A
Research Scientist/Audiologist

Projects include perceptual consequences of cochlear non-linearity,
behavioral estimates of cochlear tuning, and using psychophysics to
study auditory neuropathy.


Alex Gutschalk

Alexander Gutschalk, MD
Postdoctoral Associate

I'm doing functional studies of the human auditory cortex using MEG and fMRI.


Lorraine Delhorne, M.S.
Research Scientist

Projects include devising behavioral measures of cochlear and central function in hearing-impaired listeners.


Joe Frisbie
Research Engineer

Keeps the lab up and running.

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Joshua R. Bernstein

Joshua G. W. Bernstein
Graduate Student

Project: Behavioral and modeling studies of pitch perception in normal and impaired hearing.

Craig Lewiston

Craig Lewiston
Graduate Student

Project: Factors affecting musicians’ ability to detect mistuning in musical intervals.

Courtenay Wilson

Courtenay Wilson
Graduate Student

Project: Neural bases of auditory streaming, using fMRI. (Co-supervised by Prof. J.R. Melcher.)

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Mindy Chang

Mindy Chang

Undergraduate research project: Modeling study of pitch coding in a musical context.

  Anna Dreyer
Graduate Student, HST
Christian Froestl

Christian Froestl
Visiting Student, TU Munich

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

Undergraduate research project: Simulations of bilateral cochlear-implant processing.

Michael K. Qin

Michael K. Qin
Graduate Student

Project: Speech reception and pitch coding using noise-vocoder simulations of cochlear implant processing.

Peninah Rosengard

Peninah S. Rosengard
Graduate Student

Project: Behavioral estimates of cochlear nonlinearity and their ability to predict speech reception in hearing-impaired listeners. (Co-supervised by Prof. L.D. Braida.)

  Amanda Wong
Graduate Student, EECS
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Louis D. Braida, PhD - MIT RLE
Torsten Dau, Ph.D. – Technical University of Denmark
Bertrand Delgutte, Ph.D. – Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Christine Koh, PhD - Harvard Medical School
Raymond Meddis, Ph.D. – University of Essex, Colchester, England
Jennifer R. Melcher, PhD - Harvard Medical School
Brian C. J. Moore, Ph.D. – University of Cambridge, England
Christopher J. Plack, Ph.D. – University of Essex, Colchester, England
Christopher A. Shera, Ph.D. – Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Mark Tramo, MD, PhD - Harvard Medical School


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