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Bio — Zwierlein

Martin Zwierlein studied physics at the University of Bonn and at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. His doctoral thesis in the group of Wolfgang Ketterle at MIT focused on the observation of superfluidity in ultracold fermionic gases, a novel form of strongly interacting matter. After a postdoctoral stay at the University of Mainz in the group of Immanuel Bloch, he joined the MIT physics department in 2007. His group is using ultracold atomic gases to study models of many-body physics relevant for condensed matter, nuclear and astrophysics. He and his team recently observed Fermi polarons and the quantum limit of diffusion in strongly interacting Fermi gases. His awards include the Klung-Wilhelmy-Weberbank-Prize, Freie Universität Berlin (2007), Young Investigator Awards from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Office of Naval Research and DARPA (2010), a David and Lucile Packard Fellowship (2010) and a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (2010).

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