Every Spring Polina Anikeeva teaches lectures for a core Materials Science sophomore course 3.024 “Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials”, which covers basic principles of quantum mechanics, solid state physics, optics and magnetism in the context of electronic device design and structure-property relationships in semiconductors, metals and dielectrics. This mathematically intense course features real-world inspired assignments that allow students to figure out where band diagrams come from and design solar cells and light-emitting devices.

This course also has a lab component taught by Professors Geoffrey Beach and Juejun Hu.

In the Fall Prof. Anikeeva teaches 3.156/3.46 “Photonic Materials and Devices”, which is an advanced undergraduate and graduate course. Targeted to photonics and optoelectronics enthusiasts this class goes over the materials science and design principles behind optical telecommunications, photodetectors, light emitting devices, photonic crystals, organic electronics, and, YES – LASERS! The class is heavily focused on team design projects. These “design reviews” allow students to engineer realistic optoelectronic and photonic devices taking into account realistic fabrication constraints.

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Thanks to the NSF CAREER Award and the CMSE, our lab supports a thriving community college outreach program. We collaborate with Roxbury and Bunker Hill Community Colleges to find two talented students and two enthusiastic professors to join us as researchers every summer. All of our gifted and hard-working summer students have gone on to pursue their passion in engineering and biology in various four-year colleges in Boston area.