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Problems on the back of an envelope.
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Optogenetics unleashed
Anikeeva, P.
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Thermally drawn fibers as nerve guidance scaffolds.
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Remote-Controlled Mice.
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Restoring the sense of touch.
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Targeted Magnetic Nanoparticles for Remote Magnetothermal Disruption of Amyloid-β Aggregates.
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Photothermal genetic engineering.
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Polina Anikeeva’s papers from previous institutions:

Optetrode: a multichannel readout for optogenetic control in freely moving mice.
Anikeeva, P.O., Andalman, A.S., Witten, I.B., Warden, M.R., Goshen, I., Grosenick, L., Gunaydin, L.A., Frank, L.M., Deisseroth, K.
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Cholinergic interneurons control local circuit activity and cocaine conditioning.
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Efficient Förster energy transfer from phosphorescent organic molecules to J-aggregate thin films.
Shirasaki, Y., Anikeeva, P.O., Tischler, J.R., Bradley, M.S., Bulović, V.
Chemical Physics Letters 485, 243–246 (2010).
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Nanoscale morphology revealed at the interface between colloidal quantum dots and organic semiconductor films.
Panzer, M.J., Aidala, K.E., Anikeeva, P.O., Halpert, J.E., Bawendi, M.G., Bulović V.
Nano Letters 10, 2421–2426 (2010).
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Measuring charge trap occupation and energy level in CdSe/ZnS quantum dots using a scanning tunneling microscope.
Hummon, M.R., Stollenwerk, A.J. , Narayanamurti, V. , Anikeeva, P.O., Panzer, M.J., Wood, V.C., Bulović, V.
Physical Review B 81, 1–8 (2010).
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Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Devices with Electroluminescence Tunable over the Entire Visible Spectrum.
Anikeeva, P.O., Halpert J. E., Bawendi, M.G., Bulović, V.
Nano Letters 9, 2532–2536 (2009). (featured in NanoTech Web)
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Electronic and Excitonic Processes in Hybrid Organic-Quantum Dot LEDs.
Anikeeva, P.O., Madigan, C.F., Halpert, J.E., Bawendi, M.G., Bulovic, V.
Physical Review B 78, 1–8 (2008).
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Contact Printing of Quantum Dot Light Emitting Devices.
Kim, L., Anikeeva, P. O., Coe-Sullivan, S. A., Steckel J. S., Bawendi, M. G., Bulović, V.
Nano Letters 8, 4513–4517 (2008).
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Electroluminescence from a Mixed Red-Green-Blue Colloidal Quantum Dot Monolayer.
Anikeeva, P.O., Halpert J. E., Bawendi, M.G., Bulovic, V.
Nano Letters 7, 2196–2200 (2007).
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Photoluminescence of CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots enhanced by energy transfer from a phosphorescent donor.
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Chem. Phys. Lett. 424, 120, 2006.
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Color-Saturated Green-Emitting QD-LEDs.
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Light Amplification Using Inverted Core/Shell Nanocrystals: Towards Lasing in Single-Exciton Regime.
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Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108, 10625–10630 (2004).
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