Continuum Electromechanics/High Voltage Group

Professor Markus Zahn

Supervised Theses

Advanced Undergraduate Project (AUP)

  1. Schubert, V., "Ferrofluid Volume and Surface Flow Effects in a Uniform Rotating Magnetic Field," May, 2002.
  2. Orji, U., "Characterizing the Behavior of Ferrofluids In External Magnetic Fields,"  May 2006.

S. B. Theses

  1. Quader, K.N., "Space Charge Effects in Dielectric Liquids," June 1982.
  2. Craigmile, D.F., "Electric Field and Charge Transport Analysis and Measurements Using Coaxial Cylindrical Electrodes," May 1983.
  3. Lupichuk, A.G., "Electric Field and Charge Transport Analysis and Measurement Using Parallel Plate Electrodes," May 1983.
  4. Nguyen, L., "Electrification Due to Forced Convection in Highly Insulating Liquids," May 1983.
  5. Tucker, J.H., "Computerized Data Acquisition and Processing for High Voltage Experiments," August 1983.
  6. Ericson, D.W., "Kerr Electro-optic Field Mapping Measurements in Ethylene Carbonate," May 1984.
  7. Gallon, D.W., "Kerr Electro-optic Field Mapping Measurements in Polymer Solids and Transformer Oil," May 1984.
  8. Khorshidi, R., "Electric Field Effect on Solid Phase Viscosity in Fluidized Beds," May 1984.
  9. Carreras, R.F., "Streaming Current Measurements in Water," May 1985.
  10. Huang, J., "Kerr Effect Measurements of Highly Purified Water in a Coaxial Cylindrical Structure, May 1985.
  11. Medina, C.L., "Effects of Electrode Surface Coatings on High Voltage Stressed Purified Water," May 1986.
  12. Morehead, J., "Kerr Electro-optic Field Mapping Measurements Using Coaxial Electrodes," May 1986.
  13. Weiss, L.L., "Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Coatings on Electrodes: Effects on Charge Injection," May 1986.
  14. Wegerer II. W.J., "A Program for Solving and Plotting Potential Equations and Their Associated E-Fields," May 1987.
  15. Brennan III, J.F., "Image Processing of Kerr Electro-optical Field Mapping Measurements," May 1987.
  16. Denesuk, M., "Thermal and Electrical Birefringence and Electrical Breakdown in PMMA," May 1987.
  17. Ortega, R.B., "Fringing Field Effects in Short Circuited Volume Charged Dielectrics," May 1987.
  18. Kardon, S.M., "Electrochemical Effects in Highly Purified Water," May 1987.
  19. Traudt, M.J., "Kerr Electro-optic Field and Space Charge Mapping in Electron Beam Irradiated Dielectrics," May 1987.
  20. Blauvelt, T., "Effects of Non-uniform Electric Fields on Birefringence Measurements," June 1988.
  21. Chan, J., "Fractal Models of Electrical Breakdown," June 1988.
  22. Reyes, H., "Computer Interfacing and Processing of Oscilloscope Waveforms," June 1988.
  23. Lal, S.R., "Numerical Solutions and Computer Graphics Display of Electromagnetic Field Theory Problems," September 1988.
  24. Sikder, R.R., "A Study of Traveling Waves of High Voltage Stressed Water," June 1989.
  25. Cadogan, S., "Kerr Electro-Optic Field Mapping of High Voltage Stressed Water," June 1990.
  26. Misra, D., "Ferrohydrodynamic Pumping Using Traveling Wave Magnetic Fields," June 1990.
  27. Kalt, J.A., "Absolute Charge Sensor Measurements of Flow Electrification in a Couette Charger," June 1990.
  28. Agarwala, V., "Kerr Electro-Optic Field Mapping Measurements in Dielectric Liquids," June 1991.
  29. Raghavan, R., "A Flow Loop Facility for Flow Electrification Measurements," June 1992.
  30. Wainman, P.N., "Traveling Wave Pumping of Ferrofluids," June 1992.
  31. Yoshi, J.M., "Kerr Electro-Optic Field and Charge Measurements in High Voltage Stressed Dielectrics," June 1992.
  32. Lou, J.W., "Conduction and Electrification in Liquid Dielectrics," June 1993.
  33. Yates, A.M., "Coating Property Measurement Using Multiple Meandering Winding Magnetometer, June 1993.
  34. Schoen, K.L., "Design and Manufacture of a Modular Cylindrical Apparatus for Ferrofluid Experimentation", June, 2011 (Mechanical Engineering).
  35. Snively, M.J., "Effects of Demagnetizing Factors on Transient Motion of Ferrofluid in a Uniform Rotating Magnetic Field",  June, 2011 (Mechanical Engineering).

S. M. and M. Eng.Theses

  1. Hegi, M., "Effect of Fluid Flow on the Electric Field Distribution in Charged Dielectrics," June 1982.
  2. Strutt, D.B., "A New Nondestructive Evaluation Technique for Sandwich Structures with Polymeric Cores," June 1982 (Mechanical Engineering Department).
  3. LaGasse, M.J., "Electro-optic Field Mapping Measurements in High Voltage Stressed Water," August 1985.
  4. Moissis, A.A., "Electrofluidized Bed Responses to Small Signal Excitations," December 1986.
  5. Antis, L.L., "Bipolar Conduction in High Voltage Stressed Dielectrics," June 1987.
  6. Lyon, D.J., "Couette Flow Measurement of Equilibrium and Energization Charging in Transformer Insulation," July 1987 (co-supervised with J.R. Melcher).
  7. Wang, T.D., "Kerr Electro-optic Field Mapping Measurements in High Voltage Stressed Polymer Dielectrics," June 1987.
  8. Carreras, R.F., "Electro-optic Field Mapping Measurements in Gases," January 1988.
  9. Sheen, D., "Kerr Electro-optic Field Mapping Measurements in Transformer Oil/Paper Systems," September 1988.
  10. Morin II, A.J., "An Absolute Charge Sensor for Fluid Electrification Measurements," September 1989.
  11. Washabaugh, A., "Traveling Wave Pumping of Dielectric Liquids," February 1989.
  12. Brennan III, J.F., "Kerr Electro-Optic Measurements in Polymers," June 1989.
  13. Jansen, E. "Bipolar Conduction Models for Dielectric Electrification," February 1990.
  14. Zaima, E., "Kerr Electro-Optic Field Measurements of the Effects of Moisture and Temperature in Transformer Oil/Pressboard Insulation," June 1990.
  15. Lee, H.S., "Electrochemical Effects on High Voltage Stressed Water Using Kerr Electro-Optic Field Mapping," September 1990.
  16. Beedle, E.A., "Modeling of Charge Deposition Profiles in Electron Beam Irradiated Dielectrics," September 1992.
  17. Brown, D.R., "Kerr Electro-Optic Field and Charge Measurements Near Solid/Liquid Interfaces, " February 1993.
  18. Sheiretov, Y., "Dielectric Properties of Oil Impregnated Pressboard as a Function of Temperature and Moisture," May 1994.
  19. Schlicker, D.E., "Flow Electrification in Aged Transformer Oils," September 1996.
  20. Pioch, L., "Ferrofluid Flow & Spin Profiles for Positive and Negative Electric Viscosities," May 1997.
  21. Lu, A., " Model Based Landmine Detection Using Dielectrometry," May 1999.
  22. Canaday, T., "Ferrofluid Duct Flow in Alternating and Traveling Wave Magnetic Fields," May 1999.
  23. Du, Y., "Moisture and Temperature Effects on the Dielectric Spectrum of Transformer Insulation Materials," May 1999.
  24. Yaghmai, R., "Kerr Electro-optic Field Measurements Using a CCD Area Detector," May 2001.
  25. Wu, A., "Investigation of Electric Arcs in 42 Volt Automotive Systems," May, 2001.
  26. Wagner, T., "Field Distributions Within the Human Cortex Induced by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation," May 2001
  27. Rosenthal, A., "Ferrofluid Flow and Torque Measurements in Rotating Magnetic Fields," June 2002.
  28. McPhee, R., "Optimization of Transmit/Receive Array Topology in 3D Acoustic Imaging," December 2002
  29. Franklin, T., "Ferrofluid Flow Phenomena," May 2003.
  30. Luis, J., "Detection of Electric Arcs in 42-Volt Automotive Systems," May 2003.
  31. Amin, M.S., "Advanced Faraday Cage Measurements of Space Charge," August 2004.
  32. Sears, J., " Detection and Identification of Dangerous Materials for Security Applications," August 2003.
  33. Rhodes, S., "Magnetic Fluid Flow Phenomena in DC and Rotating Magnetic Fields," February 2004.
  34. Perez, J., "Ferrofluid Phase Transitions," expected December 2005.
  35. Mishrikey, M. "Detection of Arcs in Automotive Electrical Systems," Jan. 2005.
  36. Orji, U., "Ferrohydrodynamic Patterns In Rotating Magnetic Fields," June, 2007.
  37. Lawler, C.T., "A Two-Phase Spherical Electric Machine for Generating Rotating Uniform Magnetic Fields," June, 2007.
  38. Cannon, Benjamin L., "Electroquasistatic Sensor for Surface and Subsurface Nano-Imaging of Integrated Circuit Features," June, 2010. (Winner of Ernst Guillemin EE SM Thesis Award)
  39. Nowocin, John Kendall, "Increase of Electrical Breakdown Strength in Dielectric Liquids by Space Charge Shielding at Both Electrodes Due to Homocharge Injection", expected June 2013.

Engineers Theses

  1. Voldman, S.H., "Charge Transport in High Voltage Stressed Water/Glycol Capacitors," June 1982 (also used for S.M. degree).
  2. Du, Y., "Measurements and Modeling of Moisture Diffusion Processes in Transformer Insulation Using Interdigital Dielectrometry Sensors," May 1999.

Doctoral Theses, Supervisor

  1. Rhee, S.W., "Fluid Dynamics and Stability of Fluidized Particle System with Electric Force," June, 1984 (Chemical Engineering Department).
  2. Gasworth, S.M., "Electrification by Liquid Dielectric Flow," February, 1985 (co-supervised with J.R. Melcher).
  3. Rhoads, K.G., "Electro-optic Field and Charge Mapping using Computerized Imaging," June, 1989.
  4. von Guggenberg, P., "Applications of Interdigital Dielectrometry to Moisture and Double Layer Measurements in Transform Insulation," June, 1993.
  5. Walrath, K., "Evanescent Wave Spectroscopy for Detection of Water and Water Treeing in Polymers," September, 1995.
  6. Washabaugh, A.P., "Flow Induced Electrification of Liquid Insulated Systems," December, 1994.
  7. Mamishev, A.V., "Interdigital Dielectrometry Sensor Design and Parameter Estimation Algorithms for Non-Destructive Materials Evaluation," May, 1999.
  8. Üstündag, A., "Kerr Electro-Optic Tomography for Determination of Nonuniform Electric Field Distributions in Dielectrics," May, 1999.
  9. Du, Y., "Measurements and Modeling of Moisture Diffusion Processes in Transformer Insulation Using Interdigital Dielectrometry Sensors," May, 1999.
  10. Gung, T.J., "Kerr Electro-Optic Measurements and Nonuniform Electric Field Reconstructions," May, 1999.
  11. Sheiretov, Y., "Deep Penetration Magnetoquasistatic Sensors," May, 2001.
  12. Schlicker, D.E., "Imaging of Absolute Electrical Properties Using Electroquasistatic and Magnetoquasistatic Sensor Arrays," October, 2005.
  13. He, X., "Ferrohydrodynamic Flows in Rotating Magnetic Fields," September, 2006.
  14. Elborai, S., "Ferrofluid Surface and Volume Flows in Uniform, Rotating Magnetic Fields," June, 2006.
  15. O’Sullivan, F., "A Model for the Initiation and Propagation of Electrical Streamers in Transformer Oil and Transformer Oil Based Nanofluids," June, 2007.
  16. Thomas, Z.M., Dielectrometry Measurements of Moisture Diffusion and Temperature Dynamics in Oil Impregnated Paper Insulated Electric Power Cables," June, 2007.
  17. Cantillon-Murphy, P., "On the Dynamics of Magnetic Fluids in Magnetic Resonance Imaging," June, 2008 (co-supervised with Prof. E. Adalsteinsson).
  18. Huang, Hsin-Fu, "Electromechanics and Electrorheology of Fluid Flow with Internal Micro-particle Electrorotation",  June, 2010.
  19. Hwang, J-W, "Elucidating the Mechanisms Behind Pre-Breakdown Phenomena in Transformer Oil Systems", June, 2010.
  20. Khushrushahi S., "Ferrofluid Spin-Up Flows from Uniform and Non-Uniform Rotating Magnetic Fields Using Spherical Coils", June, 2010.
  21. Zhang, X., "Kerr Electro-optic Electric Field and Space Charge Measurements in High-Voltage Stressed Dielectrics," expected June, 2013.
  22. Jadidian, J., "Three Dimensional Positive and Negative Streamers in High-Voltage Stressed Dielectrics, expected June 2014.

Doctoral Theses, Reader

  1. Tse, M.K., "A Nondestructive Technique for Detection and Characterization of Flows In Polymeric Materials," January 1981 (Mechanical Engineering Department).
  2. Allison, B.T., "Non-Destructive Evaluation of Polymeric Materials," June 1984 (Mechanical Engineering Department).
  3. Ehrlich, R.M., "AC Electrostatic Precipitation," June 1984.
  4. Inkpen, S.L., "Discoloration Mechanisms in Electrostatic Spraying of Metallic Paints," June 1986.
  5. Nussbaum, J.H., "Electric Field Control of Polyelectrolyte Membrane Swelling," September 1986.
  6. Kim, Y.J., "Biophysical and Biochemical Analysis of Articular Cartilage Under Uniaxial Unconfined Compression," September 1992.
  7. Schwartz, E., "Measurement of the Surface Tension of Electromagnetically-Levitated Droplets In Microgravity," February 1995.
  8. Jones, L.A., "Droplet Control in Gas Metal Arc Welding," October 1995.
  9. Kim, W., "Design and Analysis Framework for Linear Permanent Magnet Machines," 1997.
  10. Ernstmeyer, J., "Lightning-excited, Quasi-electrostatic Effects in the Lower Ionosphere," 1997.
  11. Farhoud, Maya, "Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-Structured Magnetic Particles for Applications in Data Storage, February 2001.
  12. Rinaldi-Ramos, C., "Continuum Modeling of Polarizable Systems," June 2002.
  13. Lozano, P., "Colloid Thrusters For Micro and Nano-Satellites," February 2003.
  14. Velasquez, L., "The Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Micro-Colloid Thruster Array," June 2004.
  15. Gonzalez, L., "Migration of Submicron Nanomagnetic Particles in Magnetic Fluids Under Time/Space Varying Magnetic Fields," expected December 2008.
  16. Levitan, J. "Experimental Investigation of Induced-Charge Electro-Osmosis," August, 2005.
  17. Wagner, T., "Non Invasive Brain Stimulation: Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Transcranial DC Stimulation as a Modality for Neuropathology Treatment, January, 2006.
  18. Knaian, A.N., "Electropermanent Magnetic Connectors and Actuators: Devices and Their Application in Programmable Matter," June, 2010.
  19. Raman, V., "Continuous Size Based Separations of Nonmagnetic Particles Using Magnetophoresis," expected June, 2011.
  20. Matlock, T., "Analytical Modeling Based on Experimental Characterization of a Cusped Field Thruster", expected, June 2013.
  21. MacKenzie, I., "Force-Linear Reluctance Actuators," expected, June 2014.
  22. Amin-Shahidi, D., expected, June 2014.
  23. Araghchini, Mohammad, expected, June, 2014.

Supervised while at University of Florida

S.M. Theses, Supervisor

  1. Sojka, Richard J., “Electrohydrodynamic Internal Waves,” June 1972.
  2. Tsang, Cheung Fung, “Transient Electric Field and Space Charge Behavior for Bipolar Ion Conduction Under Current and Voltage Excitations,” May 1974.
  3. Pao, Shing Chong, “Drift Dominated Conduction Mechanisms in Dielectrics,” August 1974.
  4. Beaudet, William R., “Electro-Optic Measurements in a Birefringent Dielectric Medium,” August 1975.
  5. Chatelon, Helene, “Unipolar and Bipolar Transient Drift Dominated Conduction,” December 1976.
  6. Davis, Dennis W., “Transient Drift-Dominated Unipolar Conduction,” March 1978.
  7. McGuire, Thomas J., “Non-Uniform Electric Field Measurements of Space Charge in Dielectric Liquids Using the Kerr Electro-Optic Effect,” March 1979.
  8. Choi, Tae In, “Ferrofluid Motion In a Rotating Magnetic Field,” August 1980.

S.M. Theses, Reader

  1. Liebman, Henry F., “DC Inductance Bridge for Measuring Unified Machine Theory Parameters,” June 1972.
  2. Degler, H. Edward, Jr., “Automatic Rapid Eye Measurement Detection,” November 1973.
  3. Dassa Eli, “A Study of Striated Muscle Impedance in Situ,” May 1974.
  4. Collier, Donald C., “An Experimental Phased Array Radar Antenna,” December 1974.
  5. Tiller, James A., “Electric and Magnetic Field Statistics for Close Lightning Return Strokes,” December 1975.
  6. Heaney, James A., “A Theoretical Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation from the Sun as Applied to Electromagnetic Wave Energy Converter,” August 1977.
  7. Kirmaci, Ismail, “Scattering of Light from Non-Spherical Dielectric Particles: Spheroidal Cladosporiums (2um), Cubical NaC1 Crystals (4um),” March 1978.

Doctoral Theses, Supervisor

  1. Sojka Richard J., “High Field Drift Dominated Bipolar Conduction in Dielectrics,” June 1977.
  2. Stanaland, Walter, “Bipolar Conduction with Alternating Excitations,” August 1980.

Doctoral Theses, Reader

  1. Ma, Han-Rei, “Magnetization Fields in Thin Film Permalloy Bar Arrays,” March 1976.
  2. Majumdar, Arun K., “Modeling and Identification of the Nerve Excitation Phenomena,” March 1976.

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