The group’s mission is to be an international leader in research, education, and development in the communication and network fields.

The research mission is to address in a rigorous manner the fundamental problems affecting current communication and network systems and to influence the development of future systems.  This research will be multi-disciplinary, applying the tools of mathematics, algorithms, system engineering, physics, device technology, and hardware system architectural constructs.

The education mission is to help create tomorrow's academic and industrial leaders in the communication and network fields.  The objective is to mentor students not only to help solve deep and fundamental problems from current and future technology, but also to learn the engineering art of identifying important problems and critically assess the main technological challenges.  

The development mission is to interact with industry and government at many levels, to ensure the relevance of academic modeling, the professional development of students, the effective transfer of technology and to create an environment in which novel new systems can be created and evaluated.

Finally, the group aims to pursue its research, educational, and development missions in an open, supportive and inclusive research environment. The group will use Claude Shannon's research career as its inspiration for far-reaching fundamental research to build a framework for the technical problems of tomorrow.

+ Vincent Chan

+ G. David Forney + Robert Gallager + Muriel Médard + Lizhong Zheng Accessibility