Computational Prototyping Group, Professor Jacob K. White and Professor Luca Daniel
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Former students and staff of the RLE Computational Prototyping Group
PhD Students and Theses


Bardhan, Jaydeep - "Efficient Numerical Algorithms for Surface Formulations of  Mathematical Models for Biomolecule Analysis and Design." June 2006.


Chou, Mike Chuan - "Fast Algorithms for III-Conditioned Dense-Matrix Problems in VLSI Interconnect and Substrate Modeling," June 1998.


Chen, Yong - "Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear Systems," September 1999

  Daniel, Luca - "Simulation and Modeling Techniques for Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Interference on High Frequency Electronic Systems," Ph.D. Thesis, University of California at Berkeley, May 2003. (B. Friedman Memorial Prize from the Math Dept, and D. J. Sakrison Memorial Prize from the EECS Dept.)
  Hu, Xin "Full-wave Analysis of Large Conductor Systems over Substrate," January 2006
Kamon, Mattan - - web page - "Fast Parasitic Extraction and Simulation of Three-dimensional Interconnect via Quasistatic Analysis," February 1998
Kanapka, Joseph - "Fast Methods for Extraction and Sparsification of Substrate Coupling," June 2002.
  Klemas, Thomas - "Full-wave Algorithms for Model Order Reduction and Electromagnetic Analysis of Impedance and Scattering," May 2005.
  Kuo, Shih-Hsien - "A Meshless, High-Order Integral Equation Method for  Smooth Surfaces, with application to Biomolecular Electrostatics" September 2006.
  Lee, Jung Hoon - "Fast Methods for Inverse Wave Scattering Problems" September 2008.
  Li, Jing Rebecca - "Model Reduction of Large Linear Systems via Low Rank System Gramians," June 2000.
  Lumsdaine, Andrew - "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Parallel Numerical Algorithms for Initial Value Problems, with Applications," (co-supervised with Prof. John Wyatt), Dec. 1991.
Massoud, Yehia - - "Simulation Algorithms for Inductive Effects," September 1999. - web page
  Nabors, Keith - "Fast Three-Dimensional Capacitance Calculation," September 1993.
  Nastov, Ognen - "Spectral Methods for Circuit Analysis," January 1999
  Phillips, Joel - "Rapid Solution of Potential Integral Equations in Complicated 3-dimesional Geometries," June 1997.
  Pinto Coelho, Carlos - "Efficient tools for the design and simulation of  microelectromechanical and microfluidic systems," August 2007.
  Rahmat, Khalid - "Simulation of Hot Carriers in Semiconductor Devices," December 1994.
  Ramaswamy, Deepak - "Simulation Tools fro Microelectromechanical Systems," June 2001.
  Reichelt, Mark - "Accelerated Waveform Relaxation Techniques for the Parallel Transient Simulation of Semiconductor Devices," (co-supervised with J. Allen), June 1993.
  Rewienski, Michal - "A Trajectory Piecewise-Linear Approach to Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems," - June 2003
Silveira, Luis Miguel - - "Model Order Reduction Techniques for Circuit Simulation," September 1994.
Telichevsky, Ricardo - - "A Numerical Engine for Distributed Sparse Matrices," (co-supervised with Prof. Billy Dally), January 1994.
  Vasilyev, Dmitry - "Theoretical and practical aspects of linear and nonlinear model order reduction techniques," February 2008.
Wang, Junfeng - "A New Surface Integral Formulation of EMQS Impedance Extraction for 3-D Structures," September 1999.
  Vithayathil, Anne - "Substrate Resistance Extraction using a Multi-Domain Surface Integral Formulation," June 2004.
Wang, Xin - "FastStokes: A Fast 3-D Fluid Simulation Program for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems," June 2002.
  Willis, David - "An Unsteady, Accelerated, High Order Panel Method with Vortex Particle Wakes" June 2006.
  Zhang, Lei - "A Boundary Element Method with Surface Conductive Absorbers for 3-D Analysis of Nanophotonics" September 2010.
  Zhu, Zhenhai - "Efficient Integral Equation Based Algorithms for Parasitic Extraction of Interconnects with Smooth or Rough Surface," August 2004.

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