Publications 2021


Fermions become "invisible" at low tempearture
Y. Margalit, Y.-K. Lu, F.C. Top, and W. Ketterle:
Pauli blocking of light scattering in degenerate fermions
Science 374 , 976979 (2021),
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Chosen by Physics World as one of the top10 Breakthroughs of the Year 2021

•  N. Jepsen, W.W. Ho, J. Amato-Grill, I .Dimitrova, E. Demler, and W. Ketterle:
Transverse spin dynamics in the anisotropic Heisenberg model realized with ultracold atoms.
Phys. Rev. X 11 , 041054 (2021),

•  W.C. Chung, J. de Hond, J. Xiang, E. Cruz-Colón, and W. Ketterle:
Tunable Single-Ion Anisotropy in Spin-1 Models Realized with Ultracold Atoms.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126 , 163203 (2021),

•  F.C. Top, Y. Margalit, and W: Ketterle:
Spin-polarized fermions with p-wave interactions.
Phys. Rev. A 104 , 043311 (2021),