Publications 2022


Steering chemical reactions by magnetic fields
H. Son, J.J. Park, Y.-K. Lu, A.O. Jamison, T. Karman, and W. Ketterle:
Control of reactive collisions by quantum interference.
Science 375 , 10061010 (2022),
MIT Press ReleaseU Waterloo Press Release
Science PerspectiveChemistry World

•  P.N. Jepsen, Y.K. Lee, H. Lin, I. Dimitrova, Y. Margalit, W.W. Ho, and W. Ketterle:
Catching Bethe phantoms and quantum many-body scars: Long-lived spin-helix states in Heisenberg magnets.
Preprint, arXiv:2110.12043,

•  J. de Hond, J. Xiang, W.C. Chung, E. Cruz-Colón, W. Chen, W.C. Burton, C.J. Kennedy, and W. Ketterle:
Preparation of the spin-Mott state: A spinful Mott insulator of repulsively bound pairs.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128 , 093401 (2022),