Theses Ketterle Group




Michael A. Joffe

“Trapping and cooling atoms at high densities”, Ph.D. thesis, November 1993 (advisor D.E. Pritchard)



Wan Yusof Wan Morshidi

“Frequency modulation spectroscopy for frequency stabilization of dye laser”, B.S. thesis



Kendall B. Davis

“Evaporative Cooling of Sodium Atoms”, Ph.D. thesis

Stanley H. Thompson, Jr.

“Radio Frequency Induced Evaporative Cooling of Magnetically Trapped Neutral Sodium Atoms”, B.S. thesis

Ilya A. Entin

“Magnetic Trapping of Neutral Sodium Atoms”, B.S. thesis

Peter S. Yesley

“The Design and Testing of Novel, Spin-Flip, Zeeman Slowing Technique”, B.S. thesis



Everest W. Huang

“Computer control of an experiment to study Bose-Einstein condensation”, B.S. thesis



Marc-O. Mewes

“Bose-Einstein condensation of sodium atoms”, Ph.D. thesis,
February 1997

Charles K. Sestok IV

“A Recirculating Sodium Atomic Beam Oven”, B.S. thesis



Michael R. Andrews

“Bose condensates and the atom laser” , Ph.D. thesis, June 1998



Dallin S. Durfee

“Dynamic Properties of Dilute Bose-Einstein Condensates”, Ph.D. thesis

Dan M. Stamper-Kurn

“Peeking and poking at a new quantum fluid: Studies of gaseous Bose-Einstein condensates in magnetic and optical traps”, Ph.D. thesis

J.C. Gore

“Electronic control of a new apparatus for studying Bose-Einstein condensation”, B.S. thesis

Michael Köhl

“Maßgeschneidert optische Potentiale für Bose-Einstein Kondensate”, Diploma Thesis (University of Frankfurt, Germany)



Christopher E. Kuklewicz

"Surface Excitations and Critical Velocity of a Bose-Einstein Condensate" (Master thesis)

Robert Löw

“Dressing and trapping Bose-Einstein condensates with light”, Diploma Thesis ( University of Bonn , Germany )



Till Rosenband

“Vortices and Interference in Bose-Einstein Condensates”, B.S. thesis

Shin Inouye

“Manipulating Bose-Einstein condensates with laser light”, Ph.D. thesis

Martin Zwierlein

“Cooling and Trapping a Bose-Fermi Mixture of Dilute Atomic Gases”, Stage de Recherche, MIP, 2 e Année (ENS Paris, France)



Pavel Vladimir Gorelik

“Rubidium Bose Einstein Condensates and Snubber Circuits for High Current Inductive Loads”, B.S. thesis

Edem Tsikata

“The Characterization of Bose-Einstein Condensates on an Atom Chip”, B.S. thesis

Ananth Chikkatur

“Colliding and Moving Bose-Einstein Condensates: Studies of superfluidity and optical tweezers for condensate transport”, Ph.D. thesis

Christian Schunck

“Study of an ultracold cloud of fermionic 6 Li atoms near a Feshbach resonance”, Diploma thesis, University of Heidelberg , Germany



Subhadeep Gupta

“Experiments with Degenerate Bose and Fermi Gases”, Ph.D. thesis

Zoran Hadzibabic

“Studies of a quantum degenerate fermionic lithium gas”, Ph.D. thesis

Aaron E. Leanhardt

“Microtraps and Waveguides for Bose-Einstein Condensates”, Ph.D. thesis



André Schirotzek

“Fundamental Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates: Photon Recoil and Distillation”, Diploma thesis, University of Hamburg , Germany

Sebastian M.F. Raupach

“Experimental Investigations of Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter: Scattering Resonances and the Fermion-Boson Crossover in Ultracold Alkali-Vapours”, Diploma thesis, University of Leipzig , Germany

Jamil Abo-Shaeer

“Novel Ground States of Bose-Condenses Gases”, Ph.D. thesis

Christian Sanner

“Momentum Interferometry and Quantum Reflection with Bose-Einstein Condensates”, Diploma thesis, University of Heidelberg , Germany



Claudiu Stan

“Experiments with Interacting Bose and Fermi Gases”, Ph.D. thesis

Erik W. Streed

“ 87 Rubidium Bose-Einstein condensates: Machine Construction and Quantum Zeno Experiments”, Ph.D. thesis

Yong-Il Shin

“Experiments with Bose-Einstein Condensates in a Double Well Potential”, Ph.D. thesis



Kaiwen Xu

“Effects of Interaction in Bose-Einstein Condensates”, Ph.D. thesis

Gretchen Campbell

“ 87 Rubidium Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Lattices”, Ph.D. thesis

Micah Boyd

“Novel Trapping Techniques For Shaping Bose-Einstein Condensates”, Ph.D. thesis

Martin Zwierlein

“High-Temperature Superfluidity in an Ultracold Fermi Gas”, Ph.D. thesis

Peter Zarth

“Magneto-optical trapping of Potassium 40”, Diploma thesis, University of Karlsruhe , Germany

Sebastian Will

“Atom Optical Experiments with Ultracold Sodium Atoms”, Diploma thesis, University of Mainz , Germany



Tom Pasquini

“Quantum Reflection of Bose-Einstein Condensates”, Ph.D. thesis

Daniel E. Miller

“Studying Coherence in Ultra-Cold Atomic Gases”, Ph.D. thesis

Jit Kee Chin

“Strongly-interacting Fermions in an Optical Lattice”, Ph.D. thesis

Widagdo Setiawan

“A New Degenerate Fermi Gas Apparatus “, B.S. thesis



Jongchul Mun

“Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Lattices: The Superfluid to Mott Insulator Phase Transition”, Ph.D. thesis

Christian Schunck

“Pairing and Superfluidity in Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases”, Ph.D. thesis, June 2008



David Hucul

“Magnetic Super-Exchange with Ultra Cold Atoms in Spin Dependent Optical Lattices”, Masters Thesis, June 2009



Gyu-Boong Jo

“Quantum Coherence and Magnetism in Bosonic and Fermionic Gases of Ultracold Atoms”, Ph.D. Thesis, January 2010

Andre Schirotzek

“Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy of Ultracold Fermi Gases”, Ph.D. Thesis, January 2010

Patrick Medley

“Thermometry and Cooling of Ultracold Atoms in an Optical Lattice”, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2010



Caleb Christensen

“Ultracold Molecules from Ultracold Atoms: Interactions in Sodium and Lithium Gas”, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2011



Ye-ryoung Lee

Ultracold Fermi Gas with Repulsive Interactions, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2012

Aviv Keshet

A Next-Generation Apparatus for Lithium Optical Lattice Experiments, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2012

Christian Sanner

Fluctuations in Quantum Degenerate Fermi Gases, Ph.D. Thesis, December 2012 (University of Heidelberg )



Hirokazu Miyake

Probing and Preparing Novel States of Quantum Degenerate Rubidium Atoms in Optical Lattices, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2013



Yichao Yu

Realization of Bose-Einstein Condensation with Lithium-7 Atoms, B.S. Thesis, June 2014

Ed Su

Fluctuations and State Preparation in Quantum Degenerate Gases of Sodium and Lithium, Ph.D. Thesis, August 2014

Tout Wang

Small Diatomic Alkali Molecules at Ultracold Temperatures, Ph.D. Thesis, October 2014



Wujie Huang

Spin-Orbit Coupling in Optical Superlattices, Ph.D. Thesis, October 2015



Colin Kennedy

Creating Novel Quantum States of Ultracold Bosons in Optical Lattices, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2017

Sean Burchesky

Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates withObservation of a Stripe Phase, BS thesis, June 2017



Timur Rvachov

Ultracold 23 Na 6 Li Molecules in the Triplet Ground State, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2018

William Cody Burton

Ultracold Bosons in Optical Lattices for Quantum Measurement and Simulation, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2018

Junru Li

Spin-orbit Coupling and Supersolidity in Ultracold Quantum Gases, Ph.D. Thesis, November 2018



Jesse Amato-Grill

A Fast 7 Li-based Quantum Simulator, Ph.D. Thesis Harvard, May 2019

Boris Shteynas

Spin-orbit Coupled Bose Gases, Ph.D. Thesis, August 2019

Will Lunden

Development of a new Dy quantum gas experiment, Ph.D. Thesis, Feb. 2020



Ivana Dimitrova

Realizing quantum spin models with 7 Li atoms in an optical lattice, Ph.D. Thesis, Feb. 2020

Furkan Top

𝑝 -wave Collisions in Ultracold Fermions, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2020



Woo Chang Chung

Quantum Simulation of Spin-1 Physics with Bosons, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2021

Paul Niklas Jepsen

Spin dynamics in a tunable Heisenberg model realized with ultracold atoms, Ph.D. Thesis, Dec. 2021


Hyungmok Son

Collisional Cooling and Magnetic Control of Reactions in Ultracold Spin-polarized NaLi+ Na Mixture , Ph.D. Thesis Harvard, January 2022

total: 47 Ph.D. Theses