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Welcome to the world of nanokelvin atoms
and the magic of matter waves!

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Dipolar interactions in an atomic bilayer with 50 nm separation

Feshbach resonance in molecular collisions
Nature 614, 5458 (2023)pdfMIT Press ReleaseNature News and Views
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Postdocs wanted: Every year, we hire a new postdoc for one of our labs. Send your inquiry directly to Wolfgang Ketterle.

May 20, 2019: World Metrology Day
Guide for teachers and students to explain the new kg
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Our group has four teams in four different laboratories

BEC 3 BEC 4 BEC 5 Dypole
"The Science Chamber" "The Rubidium Lab" "The Lithium-7 Lab" "The Dysprosium Lab"

Current projects:
Sodium, Lithium-6
NaLi molecules
Ultracold collisions
Molecular Feshbach resonances

Current projects:
Mott Insulator
Spin mixtures
Quantum magnetism
Synthetic gauge fields
Quantum microscope

Current projects:
Optical lattices
Spin Hamiltonians
Quantum microscope

Current projects:
Dipolar interactions
Single-atom tweezers

Link to lab web page

Link to lab web page

Link to lab web page

Link to lab web page

Magnetic trapping of ultracold molecules at high density

A Mott insulator of atom pairs

Catching Bethe phantom states

Atomic physics on a 50 nm scale: Realization of a bilayer system of dipolar atoms

Feshbach resonance in molecular collisions

Spin-1 anisotropic Heisenberg model

Spin dynamics dominated by resonant tunneling into molecular states

Dipolar shielding of inelastic collisions

Lectures by Wolfgang Ketterle on Open Course Ware: 8.421 Atomic and Optical Physics I 8.422 Atomic and Optical Physics II

BEC 1: now part of the Zwierlein group old results
BEC 2 : retired old results