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Welcome to the world of nanokelvin atoms
and the magic of matter waves!

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Controlling reactive scattering by quantum interference

Science 375 , 10061010 (2022)MIT Press ReleaseU Waterloo Press Release
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Suppression of light scattering by Pauli blocking

Science 374 , 976979 (2021)pdfMIT Press ReleaseScience Perspective
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Chosen by Physics World as one of the top10 Breakthroughs of the Year 2021

Postdocs wanted: Every year, we hire a new postdoc for one of our labs. Send your inquiry directly to Wolfgang Ketterle.

May 20, 2019: World Metrology Day
Guide for teachers and students to explain the new kg
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Our group has five teams in five different laboratories

BEC 2 BEC 3 BEC 4 BEC 5 Dypole
"The New Lab" "The Science Chamber" "The Rubidium Lab" "The Lithium-7 Lab" "The Dysprosium Lab"

Current projects:
Quantum effects in light scattering

Current projects:
Sodium, Lithium-6
NaLi molecules
Ultracold collisions
Molecular Feshbach resonances

Current projects:
Mott Insulator
Spin mixtures
Quantum magnetism
Synthetic gauge fields

Current projects:
Optical lattices
Spin Hamiltonians

Current projects:
Building a new experiment

Link to lab web page

Link to lab web page

Link to lab web page

Link to lab web page

Link to lab web page

Pauli suppression of light scattering

Molecule-Atom Feshbach resonance

A Mott insulator of atom pairs

Catching Bethe phantom states

Improved slowing of Dy atoms

Supersolid stipe phase

Collisional cooling of molecules

Spin-1 anisotropic Heisenberg model

Spin transport
Transverse spin dyanmics


Lectures by Wolfgang Ketterle on Open Course Ware: 8.421 Atomic and Optical Physics I 8.422 Atomic and Optical Physics II

BEC 1: now part of the Zwierlein group old results