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Mailing address:
MIT, Room 26-243
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA02139
Tel: 1-617-253-6815
FAX: 1-617-253-4876
e-mail: ketterle.AT.mit.edu
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Photos by Bachrach (2001)    

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Further information about WK:

On running marathons:
I am a Runner (Runners' World) 12-2009
Running Jogs the Academic Mind (Chronicle of Higher Education) 8-2010

Long intervew (in German):
Porträt Wolfgang Ketterle: Der Mann, der in die Kälte ging
(Spektrum der Wissenschaft 11-2009)

Faculty profile (interview with WK 1997)

MIT's Wolfgang Ketterle: New Marching Orders for Atoms (pdf, 110 kB; Science Watch interview with WK, 1999)

Nobel autobiography (pdf, 1.3 MB)

Some autobiographical notes
W. Ketterle:
Im Zickzack-Kurs zum Nobelpreis (in German).
Jahresbericht 2001, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.Paper (pdf, 571 kB)

Netzzeitung Interview, 12/9/02
Der Kühlschrank in der Wüste (in German) (pdf, 148 kB)

MIT Colloquium on 3/18/2005 : New Frontiers with Ultracold Gases