Tue April 26, 2022 4:00 pm

CUA Seminar – Virginia Lorenz: Engineering photonic quantum states for quantum applications

Location:MIT 34-101 (via Zoom)
Virginia Lorenz, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Ten Minute Talk:"Engage CUA" by Rodrigo A Bravo, Harvard

Photons are inherently fast and do not readily couple to the environment, making them ideal carriers of quantum information. The usefulness of photons has been demonstrated in quantum computing, quantum communication, precision measurement, and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics, but it is still a challenge to create photonic quantum sources with just the right properties for these applications. This talk will cover the progress our group has been involved in regarding photonic quantum sources, photonic entanglement, and theoretical and experimental studies of broadband photonic quantum state storage and retrieval. Optical fiber provides a means to generate photon pairs that are naturally mode-matched to optical fiber networks — we show the flexibility of the third-order nonlinear optical interaction can enable optical engineering of joint correlations and demonstrations of tripartite entanglement. The cylindrical geometry supports discrete transverse modes, which can be utilized to create scalable, multidimensional entanglement. The broadband photons produced by such sources lack correspondingly broadband, efficient, matter-based quantum memories. We tackle this challenge by studying theoretically and experimentally the optimization of broadband Λ-level type ensemble quantum memories in new material systems. These efforts have opened up interesting new avenues for studies of coherent control, multidimensional entanglement, and optical and material engineering of quantum properties.

The CUA will gather in 34-101 for the last seminar of the semester.  Professor Lorenz will present virtually.

There will be two 10 Minute Talks:
4pm – Ten Minute Talk:”Achieving single-site measurement in a solid-state quantum simulator” by Pai Peng
4:10pm – Ten Minute Talk:”Engage CUA” by Rodrigo A Bravo, Harvard

Refreshments will follow, outside of 34-101.
The feature talk will begin at 4:35pm.

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