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Mon December 6, 2021

Wolfgang Ketterle on RT News

Wolfgang Ketterle explains recent research results for RT – the world’s most-watched news network on YouTube: “Invisible atoms? MIT physicists make invisible matter”
Mon November 22, 2021

Collaborations with Minority-Serving Institutions

The CUA is welcoming suggestions for collaborative research with minority-serving institutions. Under the new NSF PREP program, aimed at increasing participation of members from underrepresented groups in physics, we are actively seeking proposals for new collaborations. Please contact Professor Vladan Vuletic to discuss establishing a collaboration under the PREP program. For full proposal details, please...
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Fri April 9, 2021

Doyle group paper wins Lila Albin Award

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Committee, have awarded the Lila Albin Award for the Best Indoor Environmental Quality Paper for 2020 to the Doyle group. The paper is entitled: Assessment and Mitigation of Aerosol Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Laboratory and Office Environments.
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Tue March 5, 2019

High school physics class visit Ni group

The Ni group’s “building a single molecule from a reservoir of two atoms” paper was a cover story of Science magazine in May 2018. It generated a lot of public fascinations and subsequent news stories.  A high school teacher from Japan contacted Professor Ni to arrange a lab tour and a short lecture to his...
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