People: Alexey Tonyushkin

Postdoctoral Fellow


My research area is experimental Atom Optics. In particular, my interests focus on matter-wave atom interferometry with ultracold non-degenerate atoms. My current project in the Department of Physics at HarvardUniversity is dedicated to the development of technology for cold atom inertial sensing. This work holds great promise for the development of compact, highly sensitive atom interferometer for inertial sensors (atom gyroscope and gravimeter). More broadly, I am looking for novel applications of atom interferometers for precision measurements of physical constants and for study of fundamental questions such as quantum-classical correspondence principle. In my previous postdoctoral research appointment at Los Alamos National Lab, I studied polar molecule, CaH that has transitions similar to the ones in alkali atoms and appear suited for laser cooling. My thesis research at NYU was dedicated to the creation and detection of atomic periodic structures with sub-wavelength periods by applying an atom interferometry technique.