People: Caleb A. Christensen

Graduate Student


I was born in Blue Earth, Minnesota to Bill and Laurie Christensen, the
manager and accountant of a family run hardware store. I’ve been interested in
math and science since elementary school. I attended college at Iowa State
University in Ames, Iowa where I majored in physics looking for a challenge and
found my classes to be fascinating and rewarding. Starting the end of my
freshman year, I participated in undergraduate research under Kai-Ming Ho,
studying photonic crystal phenomena by building 3-D photonic crystals at
centimeter scales for manipulating microwaves. I also met my wife Abby at Iowa
State, who lives with me now in Somerville, MA. I started my Ph.D at MIT in
2005, where I’ve worked for Wolfgang Ketterle in the Science Chamber, and I’ve
loved the school and the work ever since.